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Improve your hunched shoulders with these 2 daily exercises

Posted by Kim N.

I've always had the problem of hunching over at the shoulders. I don't know how the problem evolved, but it's a result of my chest muscles being much tighter than my upper back muscles. I was determined to find a way to improve my embarrassing posture! The bottom line was that I had to improve the flexibility of my chest and strengthen my upper back. So, every morning, I start my day off with these two exercises. The first, is I perform 20 repetitions of scapular retraction (stand or sit straight and try and pinch your shoulder blades together). Each repetition I hold for 5 seconds because by holding it I'm developing muscular endurance in my rhomboids, which pull my shoulders back. Next, I perform static stretching of my chest muscles. To do this, hold your arms out to the side so that they're parallel with the floor. Then bend your elbows so that your hands are pointed up to the sky. In this position, find a corner and press your elbows into the two walls that make the corner. Lean forward until you feel a slight tension, and hold it for 20 seconds. Relax and repeat two more times. If you have the problem of hunched shoulders, these exercises should help you out!
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This sounds great! I need this, terribly. I am always easing my shoulders down, just to realize in less than 30 seconds they are tensed right back up around my ears. So thank you. Will give them a go.
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