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Improve your health! Exactly how to Lower Cholesterol Levels

Posted Aug 23 2010 11:47am

There has been a lot in the media concerning the risks of a high cholesterol level. It’s not just hype either; studies have shown that a high cholesterol quantity is directly linked to a higher risk of cardiac arrest, stroke and cardiovascular illness. So that you can live healthy, you have to get that number in order and for many of us that means to bring it lower. But how do you lower cholesterol? The good news is you will find a lot of options in how you can lower cholesterol via lifestyle adjustments and medication in particular conditions.

Yes, it is true. What you eat really does have a very direct correlation to your overall health, no matter what your fantastic grand uncle said about eating sausage every day and living to a ripe old age of 96. Our diets today are simply not conducive to the healthy way of life, which is the reason why we have seen an increase in obesity as well as an increase in disorders like diabetes and heart disease. There are lots of methods to discover how you can reduce cholesterol through great diet options. First, go for the fruits and vegetables first and foremost. Are you currently getting five a day? The USDA actually recommends five to nine portions of vegetables and fruit daily for optimum well being.

Most of today’s diets do not include many whole grains either. We eat lots of bread and cereal products, but a lot of them are produced from refined sugar and flour, that is not how to lower cholesterol. A good principle would be to find breads that contain plenty of grains and seeds actually visual on the slices. You also need to look for ingredient lists that contain phrases like “whole grains” or “whole wheat” to ensure that you’re making your best carbohydrate choices.

Physical exercise is one more element for how you can lower your cholesterol, and daily exercise is the very best certainly. It’s not as hard to work aerobic activity into your day as you might think – what about a stroll during your lunch hour or even a bike trip round the area right after work? Even a game of tag with all the children in your garden could get your blood pumping, and that is what cardiovascular physical exercise is all about. Exercise will also assist you to maintain a healthy weight, which is one more key in how to lower cholesterol.

If these lifestyle adjustments do not help you to obtain those cholesterol numbers down, your physician has also treatment options for you to consider. It is so important to discover how you can lower cholesterol as a part of an all round healthy way of life.

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