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Improve Your Health And Weight Loss With Green Tea

Posted Feb 03 2010 12:27am
Without fail, millions upon millions of people are on a mission to uncover the latest in diet and weight loss products, in hopes that they will accomplish weight loss goals they have set for themselves. Today, a great amount of diet approaches and products decorate the market, yet none have come close to the advantages seen in green tea.

Since 2737 BC, green tea has become a well-known supplement and treatment. At the time, a Chinese emperor by the name of Chen Nung accidentally knocked over boiling water on top of a Camellia Sinensis plant. The outcome – the leaves of the plant came in contact with the hot water and a new beverage emerged. For the past thousands of years, green tea has made an appearance at social engagements and found a place as a medicinal wonder.

Around the world, several different countries produce green tea, yet – China is by far the largest producer. Over the years, a few misconceptions have developed regarded how green tea is grown. It does not flourish from a vine or spring up out of the ground. It actually comes from a tree. All tea originates from the same plant – it’s just the length of time it takes to process is what leads to the kind of tea generated.

Many centuries have aided the Chinese in better understanding green tea for its medicinal properties. A few ailments that the brew is said to treat includes heartburn, acne, infections, and bad cholesterol levels. It’s rather hard to believe that green tea went virtually unnoticed for thousands of years. At times, people would gain an interest, but the last couple of decades have really seen a boost in awareness from individuals spread across the world.

The medicinal properties of green tea has prompted researchers to conduct studies on how green tea can help all types of ailments including heart disease, cardiovascular disease, some cancers, and arthritis. More and more people are becoming aware of green tea and its benefits. Other research has shown that green tea has antioxidants that your body requires in order to remain healthy. One of the most important of these antioxidants is EGCG which has been used to suppress the appetite and help dieters control between meal snacking.

Studies have shown various weight loss benefits associated with green tea. Some people have included green tea in their regular diet and have experienced a higher level of weight loss than if they relied on another method. In the end, green tea works by increasing your metabolic rate – creating an increased energy level – a process referred to as thermogenesis. Another study has shown that dieters that consumed green tea in conjunction with a routine dietary plan can burn up to 40% more fat than those who didn’t.

Green tea creates virtually no side effects, as it serves as an all-natural supplement. No other diet can deliver these kinds of results. Today, you will find that green tea is now being used as a main component in a lot of dietary aids. Some people consume it as a liquid tea, while pills and powders are also available. Taking a stroll down the aisle of a health food store, hundreds of green tea and green tea extract products are on display. You should also know that the liquid or pill form will produce the same results – however – following a dietary plan with the use of green tea is highly suggested for the best outcome.

A concern that often arises with the use of green tea involves the health risks surrounding caffeine – a natural ingredient. Remember that green tea doesn’t contain any more of the substance than one cup of coffee. Also, green tea is responsible for helping the body burn fat faster. The impressive aspect of green tea is that it actually has a pleasant flavor to it – regardless if it is hot or cold. Today, a variety of fruit flavors continue to elevate its overall appeal.


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