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Posted Apr 22 2013 7:00am

For today I shall AVOID all controversy over the book LEAN IN .

We’ve chatted about it a bit over on the book of the FACE and, in a way, it feels as though we’re flogging a dead horse at this point.

My short, misfit version is wondering if it isnt time for men to grow a little LESS confident and lean *back* in the workplace.

Which, now that I reread, mightcould be why I do best as a work-at-home woman even long before the Tornado.

And with that Im back on track again.

The Tornado.

This child is growing at a rapid, rapid rate.

I can barely tell her hands from mine.

I can barely tell her hand from mine.

These days, as non-intellectual as it may seem, I hear the title: Lean In and immediately burst forth with:

Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.  Do the Roc-away.

Instead of a call to feminist-action the title, for me, has become a reminder of whats important in my life .

A summons to (keep doing what Im doing &) *not* forget the levity and love in my life.

A reminder of the fact Ill never be on my death bed wishing Id sent out j ust one more brand pitch or worked a little later at night .

Lately LEANING BACK has been a challenge.

Ive not been the mother I aspire to and, while Id like to blame it all on allergies , most of the blame settles squarely on my shoulders.

Today Im leaning back. 

Im not fretting about getting ahead or charging the workplace. 

Im turning up the tunes, dancing with the child and letting all else fall where it may.

I can do that.  For sure.   For today.



Two women I adore are turning THIRTY.  It’s today’s BIRTHDAY post I wrote for them which prompted my remembering to Roc-away.  Happy Birthday Lori and Michelle & thank you for making me remind myself what’s important.

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