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Im in love with Sweet Relish!

Posted Jan 30 2013 4:00am



OK People.

Ive made no secret of the fact Im not a fan of Pinterest .

Ive been repeatedly admonished Ill never be a big, behemoth brand *whew* thank goodness right? if I dont get to pinning.

And Im ok with that.

As a result, when the opportunity to partner with Sweet Relish came along, I almost missed out on a because I immediately assumed it was a Pinterest Wanna Be.

I be woman enough to say I was wrong.

It’s awesome.

It’s Pinterest for MISFITS. 

It’s a place PERFECTION for this online shopping lover who erroneously thought she didnt like LISTS.

Allow me to define.

  • Sweet Relish refers to itself as the secret sauce of shopping because it’s the “missing piece” in our online shopping experience. which leads me to:
  • Sweet Relish is everything I never knew I always wanted.  If you hang with me on Facebook you KNOW how I adore sharing shopping stuffs I find.  With my Sweet Relish lists I can organize, save, share, buy, see what youre buying all in one place.
  • Sweet Relish is where *I* am right now and, judging by our interactions online, where you are too.  Metaphorically.  I wanna know where you got those tights I covet *and* be able to buy them right from the site.  CLICK. Done.  No more I love this!!! Where can I find this?! as I always experience other places. Sweet Relish lists allow us to do precisely that.


Allow me to explain.

  • Relishing is simple. I am easily confused.  Register, get a relish button for your tool bar (see below) and CLICK THAT BUTTON each time you want to “save” an item to your lists!

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 2.26.41 PM



Allow me to share.

  • Im RELISHING the Northern California stuffs this TEXAN is now addicted to for warmth.
  • Im RELISHING all the PLAYout toys the Tornado and I adore.
  • Im RELISHING the random foodSTUFFS Im addicted to always chatting about.

You get the point.

Im in.

Im smitten.

Im RELISHING every minute of this.

And seriously.

I challenge you to not love Sweet Relish (yes I adore saying the name) as a place to organize your shopping/gift buying (<—this has been huge for me), and sneak a peek into what your friends are purchasing.

  • Got any RELISH-questions for me?
  • All ready to come RELISH with me?

Ill be snooping around your lists and featuring one of them/linking back to you next month.

(cue movie music fraught with suspense)

FTC: This is a sponsored post.  The fact I almost turned down without exploring the site and subsequently fell unflaggingly in LOVE with the RELISH is all my own.

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