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Posted Sep 11 2012 4:11am

Last week I talked about the fact Id love my physical vision board more than I adore the Pinterest .

(Awkward aside.  Last year I was fortunate to speak at Blog World Expo .  Like the voracious reader who attempts to SPEAK words she’s only read I completely mispronounced the P-word on my panel.  Id thought it was pronounced PEE-INTEREST.  Hilarity ensued—if by “hilarity” you mean I felt like a complete moron which I do…)

I teased the fact I’d discovered something on the board Id forgotten Id wanted to try & the discovery—coupled with the fact Id just made plans to do said discovery—made my arm hairs stand on end.

Later that same day I posted this picture to INSTAGRAM (come play with me! Im MizFitonline) & said I have a secret!!

I guess thats my secret face?

The teasing was less about ‘promotion’ (actually not at all about promotion) and more about wrapping my own misfit brain around the coming experience.

You see, what I found on my board and what Im headed to do next month is (GONG ROLL drum roll please) GONG HEALING.

Im off to experience KUNDALINI YOGA and GONG HEALING with the renown guru Harijiwan .

Two full days of introspection, healing, and stretching (mentally & physically)**

But Im getting ahead of myself…

To know me in real life (by which I mean offline, twitter, facebook etc) is to be on the receiving end of my rants about how the lines of blogging can sometimes get blurred.

Even if we post three times a day (as some of you impressively do) it’s merely three SNIPPETS of your day.

It’s not, in my opinion, always a true representation of the hecticness, jampackedness, ZANINESS, working-non-stopness of our lives.

Having met so many of you offline already (and gearing up to meet more next week at Fitbloggin !) Im completely cognizant how hard you all work juggling life, work, blogging, family, friends etc.

How hard we all work.

It was in this exhausted vein I cut out and slapped a photo of a GONG to my vision board .  Years passed in the blink of an eye & a few months back it finally caught up with me it had been six years since Id had a vacation (hmmm and guess whos six ?).

The whole notion of unplugging, restoration and HEALING** sounded so peaceful I may or may not have wept as I slapped the gong-image on my piece of cork.

You see, Id bookmarked and read this snippet about gong healing repeatedly.

The gong also works deeply on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  The gong purifies and quietens the mind. It literally cuts through the linear mind and clears the clutter from the subconscious mind to reveal the radiant and authentic self.  It has the capacity to bring us to our neutral mind that is wise and non-judgemental.  It helps turn the mind to zero, a state of stillness where innate wisdom can be accessed.  Another benefit that comes from the mind stilling, is repair at the DNA and cellular level allowing deep healing to take place.  Within the name of GONG lies the sacred seed ONG.  Ong is creative consciousness manifested. It is the penetration of the Om power in the material world.  When you listen deeply to the gong, the sound of Ong is reverberating and penetrating our being helping to raise our consciousness.

Deep in my EXHAUSTED, life is so flipping fraught with change right now, I need a PAUSE BUTTON heart the sound of “ONG” felt like precisely what I needed.

Like what I need.

Enough so when I received an email about experiencing HARIJIWAN , kundalini yoga meditation and gong healingan experience which entails work & leaving my family for a couple of days-I knew I needed to say yes.

Ive rambled and ranted enough about my back hurting I really feel I need to be open to the whole notion of back pain as stress internalized.

Gong healing and kundalini yoga meditation focus on this idea:

The gong produces a whole spectrum of harmonics based on pressure waves. The gong sound vibrates energy meridians in the body and brings them into balance. Kundalini energy, which begins at the base of the spine, is released, traveling upwards along the spine through the body. When this occurs you may experience twitching muscles or even some discomfort if there are blockages along the meridians.

And, while I do meditate daily Im pretty confident Ill get there and realize Ive never really meditated as the gurus do it.

Im excited.

Im grateful for this opportunity.

Im grateful Ren Man sees value in it and supports me in the experience.

As we bloggers know too well there really are no such things as ‘free trips.’** 

When we get to jet off and git HEALED not only are we expected to work while gone, but someone at home is compelled to pick up the slack.

Im grateful I have a husband who is willing to change his routine, pick up the Tornado-slack, all so I have the opportunity to try & find a slice of quiet in my monkey mind.

And now I seek *your* expertise:

  •  Are you a practitioner of Kundalini yoga meditation or gong healing? Any tips as to what I might expect? As to what I should bring?






DiZclosure: FTC? my healing experience at VELA RESORTS is free.  The tweets, instagrams, rants, rambles & reactions to GONG HEALING will be all my own.  Theres no such thing as a free lunch free healing, but Im way flipping excited anyway, oh FTC.  Thanks for asking!

Update: Apparently you may still join me for the GONG HEALING and KUNDALINI with HARIJIWAN at the Grand Velas Riviera Maya if you’d like.  Seriously! Do it.  Go rob a bank forth and find a wealth relative to sponsor you and JOIN ME THERE!!

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