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Im at FITBLOGGIN. Im in love.

Posted Jun 26 2013 4:00am

The below is a repost. 

Im living not blogging today.  And Im surrounded by love.  Myriad types of social media love.

Filled with love.

We’ve chatted about how EXHAUSTING and depleting social media can be .

We text, email, phone-chat, face book discuss and tweet about how it is simply impossible to have it all and how we’re all WIPED from the attempt.

Today, however, we’re not focusing on that.

We’re focusing on the LOVE.

Ive been truly engaged online for a handful of years.  Maybe seven? And in that short time Ive fallen in love.


Before I share a few of my love stories, however, allow me one diZclaimer:

the below is symbolic of relationships Ive found, fostered, nurtured & nudged into existence. one person representing a category of interaction. in no particular order and Ive left out many many many specific individuals.


My first type of social media love is the ‘takes time to develop’ love.

I met Miss. Kelly Olexa years ago. I can not recall where or how—but I immediately recognized her balls to the wall work-ethic and unapologetic love of the Mommy Merlot (AKA Diet Coke) as a kindred spirit. Ahh how we’ve matured from our first vlog together to our latest hotel room workout .

My social media tip here is if you see someone regularly on a social media platform & wanna be her friend—reach out. Take risks. Sure it wont *always* result in friend-love, but you wont know unless you try.

fitness magazine meet and tweet

All growed up & speaking on panels together!


My next type of social media love is one I STILL reflect on and think: “dang Im so so glad I reached out. what if I hadnt?”

Once upon a time the fabulous Joyce Cherrier & I worked for the same brand. I liked her. I wanted to know her better. I direct messaged her on twitter & she messaged me back her digits (!). She’s been an integral part of all facets of my life ever since.

My social media tip here is put yourself out there. All of life is like dating. I wanted to date Joyce I wanted to get to know Joyce & I put myself out there. Life is too short to wait.

social media can be JUST LIKE DATING!

GROUP LOVE is another kind of social media smittenhood.  Hence my LOVE AFFAIR with a group I call the Original Gangsters (OGs) of fitness blogging. Workout Mommy , Charlotte , Cranky Fitness , & Roni . I adore & appreciate these women. They are my virtual water cooler peeps.

My social media tip here is to create a network of virtual coworkers. Ours happened by accident. There are no accidents.

crabby mcslacker

Crabby McSlacker & me in 2008 (!).


There are no words/classification for the SOCIAL MEDIA & overall LOVE I have for Ryan Sullivan and his family but I shall give you six: Id. Not. Be. Blogging. Without. Him.

My social media tip here is dont be an island. Ask for help .

These two define the words GOOD PEOPLE.


My next classification of social media love began as the AWKWARD, PLEASE BE MY BFF, I ADORE YOU love. I read her book . I longed for her to be my friend. BingBangBoom (I seriously cant recall precisely how–can you, Shauna ?) a friendship & a podcast was born.

My social media tip here is sometimes–just occasionally–when you read a book and think DANG WE COULD SO BE FRIENDS! it really is true.

Yep. I made her be my friend!

Which brings us to the social media version/reminder of the fact true love is lasting. Mrs.Fatass and I became cyber-bffs YEARS ago. Life, work and crazinessment has butted into our relationship yet we can still pick up where we left off as if no time has passed.

My social media tip here is sometimes social media love can seem ephemeral and fickle. Look again. It is not.

Blurry love.

And then we have the Seriously, you’re a ROCK STAR. I cant imagine knowing you love. I give you Bitchcakes . (I love I knew the News Radio reference immediately. Still. I never thought I could call her friend.)

My social media tip here is dont ‘ pedestal ‘ people. ’nuff said.

tattoos, women tattoos, pin ups

I never thought I’d meet Sheryl!


Ive only fallen in this LOVE once—but it’s still worth a shout out. The I met you only once yet thanks to social media we shared an experience none of us will ever forget! love.

My social media tip here is to take risks! Feel the fear—do it socialmediaANYWAY.

real women models, fila personal performance

What an amazing experience!

My final type of social media love is the love which takes you by surprise. People whove become shockingly important on a day-to-day basis many of whom Ive yet to meet in person. All represented by the photo at the top of this blog post.

My social media tip here is to be yourself. Be authentic. Be vulnerable. Be real. Tone down the sales pitch (be it items or your brand) and connect on a deeper level.


Those are my NINE (!) TYPES of social media smittenhood & all the people/representations of people for whom Im grateful.

And you?

  • What’s your *different type* of social media love so we can make this an even ten?
  • Who would you like to shout out to & thank for being a loving social media force in your life?



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