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Im a Fila Real Woman model!

Posted Mar 31 2011 4:00am

(why yes! That *is* me JUMPING for joy in my Fila resistance shorts !)


Thanks to your votes Im officially the People’s Choice winner of the Fila Toning Real Women model casting call .

Im honored, grateful & blogging entirely snark-free to mark the occasion.

No sarcastic asides deleted to pretend I didnt say them.

No (parenthetical jabs at various & sundry stuffs).

Todays post is only a pure, simple, & heartfelt thank you.


kind of.

(cue awkward segue to where I commence nagging you female-types to Fila-join me)

You see, the good news is Ive been chosen and yet there’s still time for you to join me (seriously.!)!

And, before you wave me off and say: Oh I simply could NOT ever do that! let me remind you Ive been blogging/ blog-reading long enough to know precisely how BADASS all of you women are.

The time for you to toot your collective-horns is upon us & you have two choices for yer tooting method (the 3rd choice. the not entering to join me choice.  not an option.):

  • You can email Fila ( a photo & 400 word essay explaining why you should be one of the next “REAL WOMEN of Fila Toning.”

Submission ends at midnight April 8th & with a live announcement of winners April 11th (where? when? how many? this misfit is not yet sure. I shall do some recon. & report back).

Again, before I wrap up my nag this Fila-tastic post, I want to thank you for supporting me.

It takes a village for everything in my life and I APPRECIATE you being my virtual villagers.


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