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Im a crowd pleaser!

Posted Mar 07 2013 4:00am

Before we get started with this mishegas , Id love to know how many of you have heard the term CROWD-PLEASER?

(glances around. takes note. pretends no one raised hand & proceeds with post)

Allow me to explain.

The husband & I were chatting recently with a friend when the subject of her daughter’s bat mitzvah came up.

We remarked how, in Austin, the celebration of this rite of passage remained pretty small & mellow.

Had they grown more ‘over the top’ in the Bay Area we asked ( this movie anyone ?).

Not at all our friend shared.  For example we only had one crowd-pleaser at ours!

The husband nodded.

My curiously was piqued.

What the heck was a crowd-pleaser?!

As soon as our friend looked away I googled the phrase on my smart phone Later that night, I snagged a moment for myself & searched the term.



Hold up! I shouted at the husband who was happily hanging out with Blake, Adam & Anders   A CROWD PLEASER is the same as being a HYPE GUY !

(had our new friend known the vast amounts of pop-culture consumed in our household—it rivals the JERKEE —all she’d needed to have said was she’d only hired one member of Boys II Menorah)

A crowd-pleaser, essentially, got the party started.

I sat for a moment, considered the phrase & its definition, and dawned upon me.

I am a fitness crowd-pleaser.


I frequently receive the question:

I dont “get” MizFit. What are you?



  • Im a FITNESS crowd-pleaser.

I figuratively dance though your approach to healthy living, cheer you on, remind you YOUVE GOT THIS!, challenge your way of thinking , help you discover your best plan , & serve as your virtual side-kick.


who has 2 thumbs & wants to encourage you? this girl!

who has 2 thumbs & wants to encourage you?

Im a fitness crowd-pleaser.

Ive had numerous conversations with fitness fanatics who long to blog but fear theyve nothing to offer because they aren’t trainers.

My new response will be to urge them to join me.

Im no longer a trainer (by choice).

I’ll never tell you to do X sets of Y reps or to do CrossFit Z time per week (I leave prescriptive posts to others).

I will dance through your world, ingite your motivation, get you on your FEET & HEALTHY LIVING then dance away once youre set.

Im a fitness crowd-pleaser.

Now you.

Are you, too, a fitness crowd-pleaser?

In what area(s) of *your* life do you figuratively yank people to their feet & empower them to get started?

Did you ADORE Boys II Menorah as I did?

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