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Ignore Swine Flu Hysteria: 5 Reasons NOT to get The Swine Flu Vaccine . . . and 5 Things You Can Do To Promote Health During Fl

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:00pm

(Hint:  It’s No Secret — You’ve Heard It Before!)

Admittedly, ‘Swine Flu Vaccination’ is a little off topic for what’s usually posted here. . . But if I’m going to live up to my aspirations as a health and fitness coach, this is something I simply feel I’ve got to bring up.  (My background in biomedical science and microbiology has to be used for something, right?  :) )

The Swine Flu is circling the globe . . . and vaccination is all the rage.  EVERYBODY is being asked to get the vaccine and, one day, it may even be forced upon you.  To top it all off, there is an incredible campaign that’s been launched to push this whole thing along even further.

Last week, another interview with another ‘expert’ proclaimed that the swine flu vaccine was safe, healthy and necessary; people were shown lining up in droves — some in ‘vaccination drive-thrus’, others in lines waiting to get inoculated  with a nasal spray injection.

The thing is, the vaccine isn’t necessarily safe, isn’t necessarily healthy and surely isn’t necessary.

At all.

Why?  I’ve got 5 reasons for you here:

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need the Swine Flu Vaccine (or Any Flu Vaccine, for that matter).

1. Many of the professionals administering the vaccine aren’t even willing to take it themselves.

This point speaks for itself, doesn’t it?  If the vaccine was absolutely necessary, safe and guaranteed effective, you’d think these health care workers would be first in line to get injected — whether it be via nasal spray or the more traditional intravenous injection. . .

Take the lead of the healthcare workers shunning the vaccine . . . and stay away.

2.  ‘Swine Flu’ may be spreading quickly, but it isn’t any worse for you than the ‘average’ yearly flu.

In fact, data is pointing to it being less deadly than the flu bug strain(s) that annually  work their way around the globe.

If vaccinations are optional for the ’standard’ flu, and the standard flu is more dangerous, what’s the point of getting a swine flu vaccination?

3.  There’s no guarantee the Swine Flu vaccine will keep you from getting the flu.

One of the most ridiculous arguments given for using the vaccine is that it’s perfectly matched for the strain of swine flue that currently exists.  (One of the first times this has ever occurred).

This doesn’t guarantee anything!

Influenza has the unique trait of containing 8 genetic strands per viral capsule, leaving it incredibly vulnerable to mutation, especially if it replicates in the vicinity of another (different) strain.

(Example:  Horse flu replicates in the vicinity of bird flu, resulting in a new flu strain that is a hybrid of horse and bird flu).

So, the vaccine may be ‘perfect’ now, but if the virus mutates, even the slightest bit, the vaccine you’ve been given is rendered useless.

4.  You’ve got innate immunity — customized, ‘built-in’ immunity that will take care of you.

An argument made for vaccination claims that the vaccine is necessary ‘because people haven’t developed immunity to this flu strain yet.

There isn’t a virus on the planet, including tiny little cold viruses (of which there are over 200 strains), that you’ll have immunity for . . . until you’ve been exposed to it.

And when you are, your innate immunity ‘kicks in’, recognizes the flu as a foreign object and then builds up defenses against it.  Sure, you might get sick — even if you have a strong, optimally functioning immune system.  But it’ll only be temporary as adequate immunity is built up to specifically defeat the flu that you’ve acquired.

Why go through the trouble of inoculating yourself unnaturally when your body is perfectly capable of taking care of you on its own?

5.  The vaccine poses a greater risk to you than the swine flu virus itself.

This correlates with point number 1 and the fact that many health care professionals aren’t willing to vaccinate against Swine Flu.

The chemicals used to stabilize the vaccine and/or boost its effects on your immune system are often toxic, capable of leaving serious side-effects.

Even additives that aren’t outrightly toxic can harm the body because of the way that the vaccine is administered.  For example, Squalene, is a naturally occurring compound in the human body that is used as an adjuvant in the swine flu vaccine.  If it’s produced or ingested by us, all is well.  As soon as it’s injected as part of a vaccine, however, Squalene is seen as an ‘invader’ . . . leaving open the possibility that the pre-existing squalene in your body is subject to an auto-immune response . . . leaving you with a list of symptoms to deal with when all you were initially looking for was protection from a relatively harmless virus.

Of course, the question remains . . . if you’re not going to vaccinate yourself, what can you do to prevent (or lessen the effects of) swine flu infection?

EASY!  :)

The answer lies in what we talk about all the time:  Build a foundation of health with . . .

. . . Awareness and Clarity of Purposemanage your stress and bring invigorating energy to your life by knowing what you’re doing and why you’re doing it . . . and then actively pursuing it!

. . .  Quality Nutrition — eating nutrient-rich, whole foods that cater to your individual needs, giving you the ingredients to build an optimally structured, optimally functioning body.  Of course, one of the critical factors in all of this is drastically reducing/ fully eliminating sugar from your diet, as sugar negatively effects immune system function.

. . . Adequate Sleep — a healthy body prepares itself to stay that way by getting sleep, with the hours between 10pm and 2am being the most critical for physical repair and a ‘boost’ to the immune system.

. . . Exercise — a well-designed training program will enhance the effects of your healthy lifestyle choices.

. . . Good Hygiene — wash those hands!  :)

Once again, staying healthy comes down to simplicity.  There is nothing that we can do to the body/for our body that is more effective than what the body can do on its own.

No treatment.  No drug.  No vaccine.  At best, our interventions simply create an opportunity for the body to do what it does naturally; at worst, they cause problems that didn’t exist to begin with . . . that could have been avoided.

Cultivate the health that your body is innately designed to maintain, and you’ll thrive perfectly well without the swine flu vaccine.

Thanks for reading.   If there’s anything you’d like to add or discuss,  please leave a comment!

YOUR Personal Trainer NYC|Fifth Power Fitness — ‘Turning Fitness Inside Out.’

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