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If you're over 40 It's even more important to exercise

Posted by susan m.

I'm just 40 and as much as I hate to say it, I don't drop weight instantly anymore when i wanna get ready for a big event. In my 20's I could just modify my diet and five lbs would disappear in a week - no more. When you're over 40, it's even more important to get moving - we lose muscle mass and most women start gaining weight in their mid section due to age. I know - sad, but true. At this point, it's really key to do things like yoga - anything that strengthens your core - because that's the first to go. I have always had a flat flat stomach, but now I have a little paunch. Since doing yoga and not eating as much anymore (especially no fried stuff) it's partially gone. Hey, if Demi Moore can look as good as she does and she's a 102, than so can i!
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