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If we had coffee…

Posted Jun 17 2013 4:23am
my office.

My office. No.Cal.branch

Ahhhh People.

It’s time. 

Ive missed our coffee dates.

It’s time for us to hang, chat *and* get all kinds of BLUNT & over-share’y.

This time, however, we’re heading to my new (fingerquote) office (unFQ).

My Oakland coffee-version of Cheers and, if youre not a coffee lover as am I, you can even choose to get Kombucha (!)

If we had coffee I’d drag you outside to one of the cafe tables & my yammering would commence.

Id tell you how Im an Orange Rhino . Id share, while Im not a yeller (I learned early the *power* of silence when people anticipate a rant), I wanna set myself up for success this summer. Patience isnt my strong suit and neither is the ability to *hide* impatience from showing on my face.  Id reveal Im 14 days in and am doing….so-so.  Id make you oooooh & aaaahhh at my homemade Orange Rhino manicure reminder.



Id stop & look around my new ‘hood.  Id say again I *love* the people here.  Id laugh and share how a few weeks ago I saw the most interesting and *random* of interactions.  I watched as a homeless man struggled to navigate the sidewalk on his bike.  His bike STACKED & LADEN with collapsed/twined, dirty, empty boxes.  A few moments later I saw a woman run up to him & ask prices for various sizes of boxes.  A short negotiation later the man easily biked away—now free of his cargo and money in his pocket.


Id check my watch, let you know I was listening but could *not* to be late for camp pick-up.  Id laugh and say I adore how kids think & how free and creative they are.   Id grab my phone and show you what the Tornado wore yesterday.  Id pause (and giggle) as I recalled what she’d said to me this morning about her attire.

You know how I had my black and yellow overalls on yesterday? Bees communicated with me!

Id look down at my orange fingernail for a moment.  Id share with you how the constant chatter can at times make me crazy—but I know if I dont STOP and listen to the small stuff….the bee stuff…she wont bring me the bigger, more scary ‘stuff’ down the road.




We’d sit in comfortable, companionable silence and Id break it by telling you how lonely I felt.  Id share how it’s a weird loneliness.  One born out of being around people who’ve known each other forever and still being kinda new to the party.  Id laugh and say how the Tornado talks about comfy and not-yet-comfy friends and how that extends to us adult types too.  Id ramble about an article I read recently about making friends a priority and tell you I KNOW I need to get better about doing that in my new neighborhood.  And how it all feels like dating.  Telling my history again.  Sharing my likes and dislikes.  And how somehow it just feels tiring.


Id grow suddenly animated and shout oooh I didnt want to forget to tell you this!   Id remind you I lost my mind when Disney attempted to revamp and SEX UP Merida from Brave .  Id say I “got it” when people said: She’s just a Disney character.  Whats the big deal? but to me it was much more than that.  A feeling I couldnt put into words until an encounter I *had* to share.  One afternoon as I walked to pick up the child I made small talk with a neighbor.  I told him about rescuing Coop & he joked how noble and Californian the rescuing-thing was.  Having not much else to say I responded:  I know! I keep waiting for someone to rescue *me!*  To which my male neighbor replied in a very serious voice:

Ive seen your house.  Ive seen your car.  I think youve already been rescued.

Apparently he doesnt know me.  (Or the old Merida.)


oooh snap!

oooh snap!

Id then notice you were sneaking glances at your now empty cup.

empty = sad

empty = sad

Id realize it was almost camp pick-up time, too.

Id share how I was *just* finding my summer groove—but we *had* to plan our next meet up ASAP.

Right then.

Before we parted ways.

  • If we could just HANG and have coffee—what would YOU tell ME?


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