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if I do chest press or more of biceps or triceps execrcises, will I loose the fat on my breast. I am worried because I have smal

Posted by ans

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Yes, because you are burning calories. ANY workout will do this. You could avoid any chest exercise and still have fat loss in your breast area. 

Any physical activity that promotes caloric burn will burn fat all over your body. And your boobs typically go first.  

Hi! Further to the last comment posted, please, please, please don't let this be the reason why you stop weight training!! Try and focus on having a strong, lean body and the positive effects that lifting weights have on your body. Just to name a few, it is fabulous for maintaining bone density, keeping joints healthy and increasing your BMR and improving overall posture. Sure, there is the possibility that your training may cause you to lose some fat from your chest area but you might find that their new toned appearance is something to be happy about! (I experienced a reduction in chest area once I started weight and CV training, but I was much happier in my skin knowing how strong I'd become and how much more firm my body looked!... Just a few suggestions / points to think about... P.S. I can't speak for all men, but I think there's a fair few out there that would find a confident and lean feminine body more attractive than not ;) Good Luck! Luv, Chrissie :) x
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