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Ideas to Boost your Fat Burning Exercises

Posted Aug 21 2009 1:36am
A few easy changes to your current regime of fat burning exercises can greatly improve your fitness and help you to burn more fat.

Here are some tips to add excitement to your regular training regime and keep you interested in exercising.

1.  Take a new route

It is imperative to keep your body continuously challenged if you would like to burn body fat, improve your fitness, or add to your muscle strength. It is relatively simple to accomplish any or all of these without having to alter your regime a lot.

If you are a regular walker or runner, try adding some extra hills. Otherwise, if you use cardio machines at the gym or at home such as a Treadmill, increase the incline or the speed.

For weight training, you can experiment with lifting increased weight, otherwise you can increase the amount of sets or reps you would normally do.

2.  Supersets

Introducing supersets to your weight training routine will not only enhance your muscle mass, it is excellent for adding some extra muscle definition. Supersets are also good if you're in a rush, due to no resting time between the exercises, making your training quicker to complete.

A superset means to complete a set of one type of exercise, then do another set of another exercise straight away. There are three main forms for you to choose from:

*  Identical muscle group superset - uses the identical muscle group in each superset. The primary one being a compound movement. A compound movement is when more than one joint is used. The following part of the superset then focuses on an isolated movement, meaning just one joint is employed to work the muscle. An example of an identical muscle group superset for your back would be one set of dumbbell rows followed by one set of prone rows.
*  Alternating superset - this is using completely different muscle groups for a superset. Such as performing one set of walking lunges using dumbbells, followed by a set of upright rows using a barbell.
*  Push/Pull superset - uses opposing muscle groups such as quads followed by hamstrings (one set of dumbbell squats and one set of hamstring curls).

3.  Go hard!

Sometimes with exercise and resistance training, you can experience feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the technical lingo you need to think about - reps, sets, the best heart rate for you to train at, and so on. Try not to focus on all of that for a change and just push hard at whatever exercise you have planned for the day.

If you're cycling pick a totally different route than you would normally pick and just go hard! Don't monitor your heart rate if you normally do, rather sustain a high intensity until you need a break. After a short break, repeat the same.

If you usually do interval training, try not timing yourself in between each interval, rather persevere until you need a break. Have a rest until you are ready to go some more. Continue your intervals in this manner.

Next time you are weight training, don't count your reps, simply do the exercises until you feel your muscles start to burn. Rest for 60 seconds then repeat another set, this time adding 5-10 more repetitions.

4.  Buy a new outfit!

Another great idea is to purchase some new training outfits to increase your self-confidence and really look the part when you're out there doing your regular exercise routine. Even if others aren't aware you'll feel wonderful in yourself, wearing your new exercise outfit.

5.  Interval training

Including intervals into your routine is an exceptional way to boost your fat burning exercises. Try incorporating one minute spurts into some of your cardio exercises such as cycling, jogging, treadmill, elliptical, swimming, or walking. If you usually walk, try jogging or sprinting for 60 second spurts.

6.  Join a different class

If you go to a gym that holds many different classes, try one you've never tried before, although it may require you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Some excellent fat burning classes are boxing, spinning, pump, or step.

7.  Pick fun exercises

It's not hard to quit your fat burning exercises regime when it feels monotonous and you lose all motivation. Experiment with some enjoyable activities such as going for a bike ride, joining a local sports team such as soccer or netball, belly dancing, or walking along the beach.

With any luck these tips should offer you some novel things to consider if you want to mix things up to keep yourself motivated and looking forward to your next session.
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