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I want you to want me.

Posted Mar 14 2011 4:00am

Or more aptly put I want you to like me.

As in gimmie the thumbs up.

On Facebook .

I’ll spare you the long-winded rehash (as you can find the 57 seconds version here) & give you the short version.

Remember these pants?

I wasnt exaggerating when I said I was smitten with them.

What I didnt know at the time of that post was how *smitten* I was with Fila as a brand.

As a company.

(cue movie-like montage revealing my smitten’nessment)

Which brings me to what I want you to LIKE about for me.

Fila is having a search for Real Women models & I’ve tossed my bandanna into the ring .

If you’re on  Facebook and you’re so moved Id appreciate your vote.

(I am on FB but under my name, carla birnberg , Im just not a fan-page kind of misfit)

It’s not an entirely a votes-based competition (there’s a vote winner & 4 others picked by judges) but I figure it cant hurt to let them know how many of us Real Women People are our own superheroes .

Unapologetically Ourselves.

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