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I underwent surgery due to adhesion(which could be due to appendix surgery in may 06) in jan 09...can i go to fitness centre now

Posted by bala

n take their weight gain package?...will it affect my abdomen?
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adhesions are incredibly painful at times. i have had surgery for them, but the actual surgery only created more adhesions.   they are formed during surgery. --- so ironic. i continue to suffer from them, but now know they are more so when i am in the wrong position. anybody else with the same story ?? i have had many abdominal surgeries, plus other ones, too, and my least favorite surgery is my most recent ones. the most recent being the last of my cancer related surgery, and the before that one was my all time least favorite --- my 8+ hour stage 4 cancer surgery. what a nightmare - waking up with my first and hopefully last catheter and 2 drainage tubes. i only wish this on the evil doers.
i think any doctor would say yes, go to a fitness center.  but why do you need to pay good money for exercise you can have on your own??  for a really good quick free workout, pull out your vacuum -- it's a twofer - you get exercise and clean floors at the same time.  plus, go for a brisk walk. since my stage 4 cancer treatments from hell, i am left partially paralyzed, needing my 4 wheel walker and / or my wheel chair. people who can walk normally with no help from devices are the luckiest people in the world, i think.  "you don't miss the water till your well runs dry". i hope someone reads this, and that it helps them, if only a little. just getting up and showering is a huge accomplishment for me.  cheers !!!!
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