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I tried a stair climbing workout, boy am I in trouble

Posted Mar 08 2010 12:00am
I am in the shower thinking about how awesome I am, sorry but it's something I do frequently, when I realize my calves are shaking and are already starting to hurt. Only thirty minutes ago I decided to try out some of Virgil Aponte's training ideas and hit the stairs in my condo building for a workout.

Holy Crap! I am in pretty good shape, I mean I compete in powerliftng BUT, I do conditioning work as well. I have been using kettlebells for years and love fast paced workouts to really get my heart rate up. So I thought the stair climbing workout that Virgil loves to prescribe would be a nice change of pace, but I would have to finish myself off with some kettlebell work.

Boy was I wrong. I climbed my 8 story building, including the basement, seven times. Each time up I varied climbed it a different way, sometimes walking up the stairs normally, sometimes taking the stairs two at a time, and sometimes three at time. At the top of the building I hung from the top landing and did one set of pull-ups. I do the pull-ups to confuse my body and force it to send blood up from legs and into my back. This really jacks the heart rate up while working an often neglected body pary!

Anyway, seven times up was enough for me. I tried to do a few sets of kettlebell work but I was too fried. Looks like I found a new tool to add to the fat burning war chest. Tomorrow I will be limping around enough to prove it!

How can you incorporate stair climbing into your workout program?
  • don't use a machine you lazy butt
  • watch Virgil's video and hit his website
  • find a big ass stair case, preferably outside
  • start easy, use progression to work up to harder climbing modalities
  • use stair climbing every other day at first
  • if you live in a building, start using the stairs instead of the elevator
    • if you are in really bad shape, just take the elevator once you have done as many stairs as you can at that time - start slow!
  • once you are in better shape, try carrying things up, running, hopping, or taking mulitple stairs at a time
  • have fun with it, mix it up!
Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to massage my calves!

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