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I Think I May Have To Stop Reading Blogs Like This

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:20pm

It has been popular of late to talk about the ill-effects from being a blogger who writes about weight/diet issues. However, I have been wondering about the opposite effect. That is, what reading all this does to you. And to me. Reader Judy (whose hair I always admire in her profile picture) brought up this point in her characteristically diplomatic way in a comment she made in regards to my " Wanted: Only Uber Thin Women With Ginormous Breasts" post. (Note to self: enough with the Cosmo-esque adjectives already! That might possibly be the dumbest title I've ever written. Sigh.) Judy wrote:
I think I may have to stop reading blogs like this. It's having the opposite effect on me, and I see this and just think, gee, my 125 pounds must be perceived by some people as way fat. Gotta go jump on the exercise bike now!
The inimitable Darcy Franklin, commenting on the same post, was a little more blunt:
Yes, all this model stuff is really lame, but why get sucked into it? You know it is just a bunch of superficial people that got this ball rolling in the first place. I say F*#% em'!
I know that I don't always write all of you back but I absolutely do read, enjoy, process and contemplate every single one of your comments. (Unless you are selling diet pills. Then I delete your lame-o comments with a cackle of glee. Two words: Internet Karma. I picture you in the next life chained to a computer photoshopping pictures of women with spray-on tans and strappy heels perpetually caught three-quarters to the camera for eternity. You know who you are!!!) Anyhow, I've been mulling this over for the past week or so. Judy's words, "I think I may have to stop reading blogs like this" actually woke me up one night. (Don't be alarmed, this happens to me on a regular basis. The voices in my head are quickly abated by jotting notes for future brilliant posts on my hands with a pen. Sadly, I am often left in the morning with the smeared residue of "vitamin + marzipan suppositories!!" and black streaks on my pillow.)

As a reader of manymany health/fitness/nutrition/weight-loss/body image/what-have-you-for-women blogs, I completely understand what it means to read a post decrying the current state of evil affairs regarding women's bodies only to come away with the opposite message of "I'll never be good enough." In addition, my sister rolls her eyes (yeah, I can sense that kind of thing through the computer) and sighs every time I write a post about celebrities. "When are you going to get over that nonsense?" she asked me the other day. (Not telepathically, she actually called me on the phone. Which isn't to say she couldn't be telepathic because if anyone could, I would want it to be her - some days I wish she could take remote control of my brain.)

But I have to say that at the risk of exposing my inherent superficiality, those kinds of stories do interest me. Like a spanx-wearing moth to a red-carpet flame, I am drawn to stories about the differences between what the media spoon-feeds us and what is really going on behind the scenes. And I think many of you are as well. I get some of my highest site hits on days I post about celebrities.

Is quantity, quality though? My aim is a blogger Hippocratic oath of sorts: first, do no harm. The last thing I want is for people to leave my site feeling worse about themselves. Even if I'm a little crazy up in my head doesn't mean I have to make the rest of you likewise. So I have set up an anonymous poll. Please tell me what you think about my site content! And feel free to explain further in the comments! I need something to wake me up tonight, I hear the view of the moon's going to be awesome.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for reading, commenting, e-mailing and otherwise sharing your lives with me.

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