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I met with a personal trainer ye...

Posted Sep 28 2008 6:44pm

I met with a personal trainer yesterday for a little over an hour.  It was the first time we had met.  Our time was spent having her ask me a series of questions, and her offering me suggestion to help my workouts. Plus we did a body fat test.  I will get the results of the body fat test in the mail sometime later.  Here is what I learned:


I should stretch throughout the day.  Not only before and after a workout.  She gave me more ideas for stretching my calves to help my shin splints.


I should try a Power Week and then the next week an Increased Rep Week.  That means, one week I should do my weight training using as much weight as I can and then the next week, lower the weight and increase the counts that I lift.   She also said that I should stick with the same exercises for my body parts for longer than one week.  (I currently rotate my body part exercises every 4-5 weeks, never doing the same exercises for a certain muscle group for 4-5 weeks in a row.)  She thought to do the same exercises for three weeks at a time.  Which means—-I would do the same shoulder exercises for three weeks in a row, first using the maximum amount of weight I can (Power Week), the following week more reps (Increaes Rep Week) and then more weights again on the last week.  On the 4th week I can change what exercises I would do for my shoulders.   This would include all the different body parts I work.  I currently work,

Day 1 body part Chest  

Day 2 body part Back 

Day 3 body part Abs 

Day 4 body part Calves and Hamstrings

Day 5 body part Shoulders

Day 6 body part Triceps and Biceps

Day 7 body part Butt, Legs and Thighs

Within that rotation I  take one to two days rest so it is never every Saturday that is Tricep and Bicep day, it always cylces with my rest periods.  I also like to throw in extra ab workouts when waiting for my muscles to rest from whatever exercises I was working on.  And now with summer coming, I am trying to add more butt exercisers too.  She said I should not rest for more than 1 minutes in-between reps.

She also thought that longer weight lifting session would benefit me—-she said I lacked tone for the amount of weight I lift. I current lift between 25-40 minutes.  In order to increase my lifting time I would have to decrease my cardio.  I will not stay at the gym longer than 90 minutes.  She also thought that decreasing my sets to 2-3 and doing more of the targeted muscles group might help tone me too.


She said I should try and “Theme” my cardio workouts. Such as one day is High intensity elliptical training, the next day is endurance training on the bike, then Hill running on the treadmill, etc.  I will write my themes down in this blog when I think of them.  But wait—isn’t that what I paid her to do????

She also thought switching up the cardio machines within my same workout session would be a good idea for me.  For example, work 30 minutes on the treadmill and then do 15-20 minutes on the elliptical.


When I run she would like to see me do 5 minutes of what football players call Karaoke and 1 -2 minutes of speed running, plus after my run I should do 10-25 walking lunges.


I got scolded for not drinking enough water.  She told me that my workouts would feel better, especially on the days I run if I made sure to drink a 2-4, 32oz glasses of water a day.  Is that right?  At least I think that is what see said.  Boy, have I been bad at that.




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