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I’m in The Zone.

Posted Dec 12 2008 1:29pm

subtitle: No, People, I dont mean this one.

Back in the day, when this woman was all the rage, Miz ate nothing but fat!free!eat!all!you!want! carbohydrates.

Bagels, pretzel, potatoes, pasta, rice, power bars, Snackwells (remember those?!) —that sort of thing.

I was skinnyfat.

I was always hungry. I could eat a half dozen bagels in a sitting & I thought this was something everyone could do (curious for more on that? please to let me know in the comments.).

And, more important than my looked ok in clothes but was all kinds of dimplecity out of them bod, my energy fluctuations & mood swings were a pleasure sight to behold.

This was 1996. I was young, in love, and had just opened my personal training studio (you know, in case you’re a detail person as am I).

Then (my then-boyfriend) Ren Man and I discovered Dr. Barry Sears’ new book, The Zone.

We became instant converts. Zealots.

Our friends not only grew tired of our urging them to read The Zone (I cringe at the recollection we gave the book, in hardback no less, as HOLIDAY GIFTS that year) but were horrified at the fact we were eating ( cue ominous music ) fat.

I remember the first time I offered my mom (*waves to MizMom who may or may not be reading*) a zone bar and, after reading the label, she handed it back to me and pronounced it ‘too fatty’ and flatly refused to place its wonderful rectangular goodness near her mouth.

Like imagining a world sans internet, you youngsters (my reverse mentors ) may not be able to conceive of a society which shunned good fats but, take my word for it, it’s true.

In 1997 we were consuming bread by the loaf & had convinced ourselves that eating fat made us fat (which, when you read it like that, almost appears to make some sense).

Ren Man & I, despite ridicule, stuck with our new eating plan and noticed tremendous changes. My energy levels were more even, I was far less moody which he adored, &, as an added bonus, I actually found I shed fat by consuming more of it.

Flash forward almost twelve years (!) and imagine my mizpleasure when I received an email inquiring if Id like to do a short interview with Dr. Barry Sears & asking if I were familiar with the Zone way of eating.

Id like to say I didnt respond with a hastily thumbtyped:

FAMILIAR? I admire him so much I once traveled all the way to Chicago to hear him speak at a conference geared toward medical professionals (this was the year of the ZoneBookAsGifts)! My cupboards are still filled with Zone bars/cereal & the Toddler Tornado has been known to beg for a Zone bar as her IPoopedOnPotty treat!

…but I did.

My overzealousness, however, is the Bumbling Band’s benefit.

Not only will I get to interview the Food Guru Who Changed My Ass Life– the company tossed in a freebie for good measure.

(or because they were frightened of me. either way.)

The full interview will be posted as our first Viewer Mail of 2009—but for those of you unfamiliar with The Zone I wanted to share one of Dr. Sears’ answers now. His response to my request for a general Zone overview for the Bumbling Band.

The Zone Diet is based on awareness and moderation. The awareness comes from the realization that every time you eat you will cause powerful hormonal responses that can either result in lack of hunger and peak mental acuity for the next four to six hours (this is good) or the rapid onset of hunger and fuzzy thinking within a few hours (this is bad). To achieve the optimal hormonal response, you have to think of moderation and use your hand and your eye as a guide. All you need is to divide your plate into three equal sections. On one-third of the plate put some low-fat protein that is no larger or thicker than the palm of your hand. Then fill the other two-thirds of the plate with colorful carbohydrates (vegetables and fruit). Finally you add a dash (that’s a small amount) of heart healthy fat like olive oil, slivered almonds, or guacamole. Now you have a meal that is moderate in low-fat protein, moderate in low-glycemic carbohydrates and moderate in monounsaturated fat. That combination will keep you in the Zone where your hormones are balanced for the next four to six hours. The fact it took a few reads to understand my first book, The Zone, is not surprising since it was primarily written for physicians. A far better practical book would be Zone Meals in Secondswritten by my wife (the first Zone cook) and I based on our experiences with our own children.


Now the freebie. A chance to win a Zone Treatment Pack including:

  • Zone OmegaRx (120 count)
  • Dr. Sears’ Zone SeaHealth Plus
  • Dr. Sears’ Zone Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Dr. Sears’ Zone Pasta
  • Dr. Sears’ Zone Bars (1 box)
  • Dr. Sears’ Zone Shakes (1 box)
  • A Week in the Zone guide book

All you have to do is share, in the comments, what was most surprising/eye opening to you about the Zone way of eating (think my mom & the fat) or what you would wanna ask Dr. Sears about the Zone approach should you have the chance!

**USA only. (I know. I know.)**

Winner will be announced Monday.

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