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I'm going back, back, to Cali, Cali.

Posted Mar 19 2013 8:48pm

Remember 2 months ago when I made grand announcements of trying to PR this race? Well, that was before some injuries decided to pop up, and before I decided that running slower with some friends trumped running faster by myself.

I know that no two training cycles are the same, but seriously, this one sucked. I've decided that I'm not a winter runner. I'm not summer runner either... so that kind of sucks. Anyway, there were many runs during training where my body never warmed up, which probably contributed to my injuries. And my asthma acted up frequently due to the freezing temps. Surpise! It's a little hard to run fast when you can't breath and your shin and/or hip is swollen. I basically had to quit speedwork early on, and even had to skip 2 long runs.

Needless to say, this body is NOT ready to try for a PR on April 7th. And after seeing the course elevation of the San Francisco Half, I can say with almost complete certainty that SF will not be a PR city for me, even if I pull a miracle out of my undertrained ass.

Now this may not look terrible, but this is significantly hiller than Central Park where 99% of my runs are done.

And you know what? I'm okay with that. I don't want this body to fall apart before marathon training even starts. That wouldn't be ideal. And I still have the Brooklyn Half Marathon on my race schedule, which is an ideal PR race course. But even if I don't PR there, I'm okay with it (kind of... not really) since I've come to realize that my main goal is really to PR the marathon.

Am I still going to try to run hard in San Francisco? Of course. There's still a 1% chance of pulling a PR out of my ass. But for right now, I'm going to be focus more on healing and figuring out what wineries I need to visit in Napa and Sonoma. Suggestions are welcome!

Runners can be wineos too, right? (pun intended)
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