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I'm Back!

Posted Jun 29 2014 10:20pm

In my time away I decided to register for the 2014 NYC Marathon! I'm not too excited about the training, but I am excited that my husband will *hopefully* also be running as well! I really want to be on the course with him after what happened last year (he had to drop out at Mile 16). It was sad for both of us that we couldn't share in the joy of the finish line, but I'm sure this will be the year where we both finish NYC. And this year Anand will be running with Team Unicef, an organization that means a lot to him. If you can help him reach his goal, Anand will love you forever and maybe even buy you a drink! You can donate here: teamunicefnyc2014/fundraiser/ anandsridharan

Training will be starting in about 3 weeks, but in the mean time I've been having fun dabbling in different fitness classes, thanks to ClassPass, and doing fun things around the city. I thought it would be more interesting to write about my summer escapades along with my fitness adventures, instead of the cut and dry weekly reports. As much as I think it may be fun reading about the mediocre/below average amount of miles I log each week, it doesn't entertain me to write it. So hopefully I can entertain you (and myself) with a less dry version of my summer in NYC. My only real goal this training cycle is to have more fun this summer in between training. So there may be more of a mix of non-running, running, fitness classes, and food posts.

So let's get to it!

This weekend I decided to dabble in a little two-a-day action. In case you don't know what that means, it's when you do two full workouts in one day. For the longest time I have been wanting to try a class at Brooklyn Bodyburn. It's always sold out on Classpass. So when I saw an opening for Saturday, I decided to jump on it. But I already had some runs on the schedule that I couldn't really skip. A two-a-day needed to happen.

I woke up super late on Saturday morning, so I was only able to fit in a 2 mile run. But 2 miles is better than no miles, I suppose. I got dressed quickly and headed to Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg to watch the Brazil versus Chile World Cup match.

Just one to the 10,000 TVs at Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl had a bunch of TVs to watch and the space was large and airy. After carbo-loading with a BLT (no, not the best post/pre-workout meal), I headed out for my 2nd workout of the day at Brooklyn Bodyburn.

Brooklyn Bodyburn looks like Pilates at a glance. All the exercises are done on a megaformer, which you may have some familiarity with if you've taken reformer classes in Pilates. But this wasn't a regular Pilates class. It was a kick ass hour of strength, with little rest between every exercise. I've frequented a different studio in Union Square, Flex Studios, which has a similar concept, but this class felt harder for some reason. I think it's because Brooklyn BodyBurn really exercises muscles to the point of fatigue. Think: Large squats, then holding down a squat with tiny movements, and then large squats again. Ugghh, burns so good. Check out their website to better understand the science behind the burn. I was dripping with sweat about 10 minutes into the class. I know it sounds like torture, but the 60 minutes went by fast and I felt so strong after. I'm already looking to take my second class there!

So industrial looking... And hardcore. 
The great part is that if you take a class on Saturday, Smorgasburg is right down the street. If you live in the five boroughs and you don't know what Smorgasburg is, I'm pretty sure you're living under a rock. But for those of you who do live under a rock, it's a open air food market with delicious goodness. It's at East River Park in Williamsburg on Saturdays and in the Tobacco Warehouse under the Brooklyn Bridge on Sundays.
You can get fresh coconut water at Smorgasburg. No seriously, I mean FRESH.

The view from Smorgasburg. Not too shabby.
After an hour of recharging with some coconut water and treats, we headed back to Brooklyn Bowl for the Uruguay versus Colombia game. The service the second time around really sucked (Maybe you should ask if I want a drink when I sit down at the bar, instead of just staring for 15 minutes, or maybe you should come to the table you're waiting on at least once before you drop the bill - I'm talking to you, Anna A!), but at least the fried chicken was good. Go for the fried chicken. And the bowling. Just be prepared to not get any service unless you beg for it.

Despite the crappy service at Brooklyn Bowl, it was a great Saturday filled with sweat and fun. Hope you all had a fun sweaty weekend too!

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