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I hate being sick. Any tips for clearing sinus congestion??

Posted Aug 28 2013 12:51am

I’m sick. Despite trying to convince myself all day that I’m really fine, the cold hath descended and I’m miserable. I’d be asleep now except I CAN’T BREATHE. Commence the pity party?


So… no post today. Not that I think I’m the center of anyone’s universe here but misery loves sympathy;) And also, if you’ve got any suggestions for how to clear out massive amounts of snot stuck in my sinuses – without using amphetamines (like ephedrine) since they make me super anxious – I’m all ears! I’ve already tried (and struck out with) the Neti pot, a hot shower, Emergen-C, vapo-rub and reflexology. Yes, I’m serious: I actually tried rubbing my own feet so get my snot to go away. It didn’t work. But that’s how desperate I am!

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