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I get cramping pains in my arches of my feet everytime I'm riding my exercise bike what can I do to relieve this??

Posted by orig24fan

I stretch my feet every which way before getting on the exercise bike and from the get go, I start getting cramps in the arches of my feet I can hardly stand it...I don't know what to do as it's starting to effect my exercise.
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Attached to our feet are the muscles in our lower leg (calf muscle) and then they are tight they tend to cause cramping in our feet. A way to stretch is by standing on a step with your heal off and putting your weight into your heals - do this with your knees straight and with them bent. 

Be sure you have the proper fitting footwear and make sure you are positioned correctly on the stationary bike. If your feet are not supported correctly in the proper footwear problems can occur in the arch causing pain and cramping.

And be sure you are properly hydrating before and after workouts. 

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