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I Finally Did It! I Passed an Important Gym Milestone!!

Posted Nov 09 2012 3:56pm

I literally wore my weight-lifting gloves to shreds! I don’t know why exactly but I’m inordinately proud of this. For a girl who used to avoid the weight floor like celebrities spokespeople avoid straight answers, to lift so many weights that I wore my gloves out, well, is kinda awesome. One of the first investments I ever made for myself in fitness was a cheap pair of lifting gloves. I told everyone it was because I didn’t want callouses (makes putting on moisturizer so much scratchier!) but really it was because they made me feel, pardon my French but there’s just no other phrase for this, bad ass. The gloves made me feel like I fit in and looked like I knew what I was doing (at least until I actually picked up a dumbbell). They gave me the confidence to keep lifting weights even when I was the only girl in the room.

And now? I’ve Schwarzenegger-ed myself (think muscles, not extramarital affairs and secret babies) to the point where I have to buy new fitness equipment because I NEED to rather than just want to! (As is the story with the majority of my gym gear…)

You can’t see in the pic but the holes go all the way through the thumb area and in between my first two fingers. 

Of course this leaves me with the question of what to buy. These gloves I got for free from Harbinger when I reviewed them and I’ve quite liked them. They were comfy, had cute little swirlies (that I thought were dragons all the way up until today) and most of all because they were girl-sized. I have little elf hands and wrists so even a men’s or unisex size small usually doesn’t fit me. Unfortunately girl gloves usually cost more than guy gloves.

Do you wear weight gloves? What’s your rec for strong, durable, bad ass gloves? Anyone else have a gym milestone like this? (First pair of shoes with holes in the toes? First sweat towel retired? First pair of capris thrown in the trash because no amount of washing will get the sweaty crotch smell out?)

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