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I am *not* a foodie.

Posted Feb 21 2013 4:22am
Im plain of tongue. colorful of tattoos.

plain of tongue. colorful of tattoos.


Moving to Oakland has been similar to the experience of adding a child to our twosome.

What people insisted Id struggle with (“you will never pee alone again!!”) Ive found to be experiences I dont mind.

Things no one thought to mention (“you wont ever sleep soundly again. if shes not sleeping then you wont. if shes too quiet then you wont sleep. if shes at a sleepover then you wont snooze deeply…”) have been the stuffs I still struggle with.

Back in the ATX people knew I was quirky.

Or, more aptly put,  people knew I possessed taste buds of the “boring” (their word) variety.

Invitations to join an exclusive, eclectic, fancy supper club? I was NOT insulted when one didnt make its way to my in-box.

Jokes at my expense about “we would have invited you out for Indian food last night but we knew there would be sauce involved.” Im not offended.

  • Im plain.
  • Im sauce-free.
  • Im more likely to devour conversation than try a creative new dish whose ingredients arent readily apparent.
  • I am not a foodie.


can I be a foodie with this?

plain ole HEAVEN

Ive been this way my entire life .

Tuna salad? Chicken salad? Egg salad? PASS.  Im not a fan of the mayonnaise.

Salsa? Salad dressing? Curry? CoveredInAnySauceStuff?  Thanks for offering!  I shall decline please and thank you.

Before I discovered mindful eating (and learned my body demands plain/ not always amazingly healthy ) I spent years gagging down food-stuffs eating food I did not adore ALL in the name of not wanting to hurt feelings.

I understood fancy-fare was a way of saying we are excited to have you to our home! and that others experienced foodpleasure in the same way I might ravenously consume a documentary or novel.

I am not a foodie.

I appreciate the visual delight of a photo of decadent food (it’s for that reason I love my friend Spabettie’s blog )– yet for me the OOOH THIS IS FREAKIN AWESOME sounds/statements/noises are more likely to be emitted after I open this:


I LOVE straight from bag.

from bag to spoon to mouth.

I am not a foodie.

Invite me out to a fancy restaurant while we’re at FITBLOGGIN? 

Im in!

Name the time!

Hold the sauce!

flemmings restaurant

Tower of SEAFOOD!

While youre detailing the flavors of your insert most likely anything other than what Ive ordered Im thinking the same about my PLAINfare punctuated by a big old YUM.

This was all brought to mind recently when we went on a family play date.

After we chatted for a bit the conversation turned to our new hometown and its amazing restaurants.

Our hosts, eager to give recommendations, asked:

What kind of food do you like?

I was stumped.

I like foodfood? I love nothing more than perfectly grilled fish/steak accompanied by veggies steamed to PERFECTION. I FREAKIN LOVE the decadence of not having to clean up afterward. I adore hiring a babysitter & getting uninterrupted time to talk about adult-things no matter whats on the table?

Without missing a beat one of our hosts *jokingly* added:

Well not you, Carla.  You dont eat.

It was only in that moment I realized Id not touched the proffered dip (yeah. I know. please to see above IM PLAIN and cross-reference under not-a-fan-of-mayo).

I’d been so HUNGRY for adult-connection/talk-time I was too busy devouring that to register the snacks.

I am not a foodie.

Youll never hear me breaking down the layers of flavor in my beloved sashimi in the same way I long to drag you into discourse about my latest book find .

I am not a foodie.

Im a plain yet mindful misfit eater who appreciates food, savors it, yet veers decidedly & intuitively toward the plain.

And now you:

  • By your definition can one be a “foodie” if s/he craves plain, fresh and never fancy?
  • Do you believe many “foodies” value flavor & flair over health?
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