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I am 39 and am 5'10" how much should I weigh?

Posted by dee

i have started working out and have noticed that I am gaining weight rather than loosing it. I am trying to find out what my avg weight should be for my height?
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Sites like these give a healthy weight range for your height: . At 5'10" they are saying 135-165 lbs. You definitely need to consider bone size and density, (large boned people will be on the higher end of this range) as well as the composition of your weight - body mass index (BMI). Think quality vs. quantity. This is a much better measure of health than a simple weigh-in. Are you thin? It's likely that you are building muscle at a higher rate than you are burning fat with your new workouts, and remember, muscle weighs more than fat. Alternatively, have you changed your eating habits? Make sure that your diet nutritionally fuels your workouts. It's not uncommon for people who start working out to grant themselves license to eat whatever they want, and end up consuming more calories than they burned that day, which results in weight gain. So Dee, it could be a number of things, but with limited information, these would be the most obvious causes of workout weight-gain. Hope that helps!

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