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I’ve Been Challenged to a Fitness Duel! [Help me learn how to do a handstand push-up, please!]

Posted Dec 26 2012 8:43pm

The fastest way to get me to do something dumb is to challenge me and, like most entertaining things in my life, this one started on Facebook. My friend Matt (also known as the Strongman competition guy who taught me how to do a proper chest press and then had me turn upside down and stick my feet in the handles of a TRX until I was hanging like a trussed turkey so obviously we have history) challenged me to do a REAL handstand push-up.

Problem 1: I don’t know what that means. I thought I’d been doing real ones the whole time. Apparently not.

Problem 2: Upper body strength… not my forte. But hey, if it means not cracking my noggin open I’ll probably be extra motivated?

So I did what any good friend would do and turned it back around on him, saying I’d accept his challenge if he accepted mine and did the splits. Which he then did… a lot better than I’d expected him to

SO now I have to put up or shut up and since we all know that I will never stop talking that leaves me with this, a patheticallydesperate-yet-sincere cry for your help:

And if anyone else has a fitness duel for me, as long as it’s not stripper-robics I’m SO IN. Email me!!

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