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I’m a hunchback with scoliosis.

Posted Jan 21 2011 6:57pm

I’m a hunch back with scoliosis, apparently. That’s almost exactly what the spine and bone doctor told me. I’m not joking. He called me a hunch back. Do I look like a hunchback? –>

I have minor Kyphoscoliosis . No, I don’t look like that kid in that picture! Mine is minor, and though it only pains me sometimes, it does get in the way of my exercises at times.

People at work have been giving me a hard time saying I will be a crooked backed old lady when I hit 80. Jerks.

I have a hard time with floor exercises, which is most of my abdominal workouts. I’m starting to get creative and figuring ways  to exercise those muscles without putting the stress on my back by laying on the floor. It’ll be fun!

So if anyone wants to know what my back REALLY looks like, they can check out these X-rays I had taken recently. I think they are cool. I have some MRIs too but I cant understand what the hell I am looking at with those.

On the upper hand,

I will be gone for a week to go to MY PERSONAL TRAINER BOOTCAMP in Las Vegas. Not that it’s really Las Vegas, it’s getting my ass kicked Vegas with no gambling, hookers or booze.

I get to meet: Mr. Olympia  Jay Cutler , Jenn Jendershott , Beth Horn , The Fitness Twins , Tommy BK, and Ron Williams. I am so excited. Mostly I am excited to see how massive Jay Cutler is in person. He’s huge!

So wish me luck!

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