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How To Turbo Charge Your Weight Loss And Lose Weight While You Sleep

Posted Feb 05 2010 10:40pm
More and more people today have an issue with weight control. According to statistics, up to sixty percent of adults today are overweight, or obese. Put simply, most of us could afford to lose a few pounds.

Most people are aware that in order to lose weight, you need to eat less, and exercise more. Although this can be difficult to do, at least most people are aware of this.

Reducing the amount of calories that you eat seems simple enough, right? Less sugar, less fat, less trips to the ice cream shop that seem to pop up whenever you get the urge. Less fried foods.

Exercise is where many people get confused. Many people, especially women, that want to lose weight automatically assume that cardio is better. Many shun strength training for fear of building big, bulky muscles.

In reality, building big bulky muscles is very difficult for women. It’s much easier for men to do this, simply because of our respective genetic makeup.

And when you build up your lean muscle mass, that actually increases your resting metabolism. Your resting metabolism is responsible or how much you burn when you are just sitting around. If you have a good amount of lean muscle mass, you can burn calories while you are watching TV.

The best way to increase your lean muscle mass is to do strength training that targets large muscle groups. Also it helps to use light weights, with high repetitions.

The best way to do this is through body weight exercises. Push ups, sit ups, yoga, squats. Especially squats. Squats work your legs, your behind, and your lower back.

When you combine a sensible exercise program that aims to increase your lean muscle mass, and decent eating habits, it will be almost automatic to quickly get into fantastic shape.

To find out how so many have discovered the way to effortlessly use these Exercises To Lose Weight, have a look at Stephanie Wilkinsen’s fat burning Exercises To Lose Weight page.

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