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How to Stretch the Subscapularis

Posted Aug 17 2012 4:39am

The subscapularis is the largest of your rotator cuff muscles.  It lies on the underside of your shoulder blade (scapula) and attaches to your upper arm bone.  Click this link for a good animated explanation of the anatomy of the subscapularis.

Computer Hunchback Problem

Working at your computer all day long had a tendency to keep your subscapularis in a continually contracted state.  The result is the subscapularis can get tight and uncomfortable.  There are a couple of things you can do to help:

  • strengthen the muscles of your upper back to pull your shoulders back into a more natural (neutral) position
  • stretch your subscapularis

How To Stretch Your Subscapularis with the Rotater

Here’s a short video demonstrating how you can stretch your subscapularis with the Rotater.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Does the Rotater Work?

“…(the Rotater) does a better job at isolating than anything I have come across and when it comes to shoulder impingement, etc, having good ER/IR (external rotation / internal rotation) is huge and very well could mean the difference in having surgery or not.” Justin Spooner, MSPT

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