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How to Prevent Shoulder Injuries – Understanding Shoulder Anatomy

Posted Jul 17 2013 10:31pm

Shoulder Joint Graphic Wow … that’s a BOLD title – How to Prevent Shoulder Injuries.  Is that even possible?  or realistic?

First, let’s get to the real function of the rotator cuff muscles – to stabilize the ball of the humerus in the center of the socket of the shoulder blade.  Sounds good, but what does that mean?  Picture a golf ball on a tee … the ball represents the ball of your upper arm and the tee represents the socket of your shoulder blade.  NOW can you see why you would need four muscles to stabilize your gleno-humeral joint?

This video will give you a good explanation of your rotator cuff …

Why do your rotator cuff muscles fail?

We tend to look at the shoulder and assume every shoulder injury is due to a failure of the rotator cuff muscles.  Sorry, this just isn’t true.  This is because of the dynamic nature of the shoulder.  If the muscles that stabilize your scapula aren’t working properly, how can you expect 4 very small muscles to take up all the slack?

Rotator cuff injuries can be caused by muscular imbalances.

Rotator cuff strength is great … BUT that’s only one part of a healthy shoulder joint.  Make sure you’re shoulder health program includes exercises to strengthen your scapula stabilizers to help prevent shoulder injuries.

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