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How To Optimize Your Workout With An Elliptical

Posted Jul 08 2010 10:40pm
Elliptical machines are a favorite among fitness gurus right down to your average gym goers. They are easy to use, functional, and definitely offer your body a tough, yet fun workout. Elliptical machines are also space savers, compared to a treadmill or other types of workout equipment. An Elliptical machine will optimize your boring average workout, with little effort.

Elliptical machines are simple, and instead of walking in place, you move in a jogging way without exhausting your body. Most machines offer hand placements that you move back and forth; like if you were walking and moving your arms by your side. This makes the machine a great cross trainer.

Instead of spending 30 minutes on a treadmill, and 30 doing other things, you can spend a simple 30 minutes on an elliptical and burn more than you would on a treadmill. You seemingly put in less effort than you do on a treadmill, thus being able to go for longer and burn more. Elliptical machines can enhance your workout and make it much more powerful by reducing time spent.

If you are a beginner, an elliptical machine is a great choice to start off with. You can do something that is seemingly high impact without stressing your muscles too much; and at the same time gain a lot of the benefits of doing something that is difficult or advanced. To optimize your low impact elliptical machine workout; simply increase the resistance or use the arms handles more often.

If you want an high impact workout, then an elliptical machine is fantastic. Turn the resistance up as high as you can go, and make the “up hill climb” a bit higher as well. Both of these will make you feel as if you are really climbing up hill. While a treadmill can offer up hill climbing, it cannot change the resistance much.

Its important to look for elliptical machines that you can benefit from; not be hindered by. Ellipticals that are cheap will probably have a weight limit of 200 pounds. This is ok for some people, but for those that are overweight or obese; it is important to choose a machine that can hold over 300 pounds. Since monitoring your heart rate is important while exercising; you should also consider purchasing a machine that has a good heart rate monitoring system. Unless you really need a machine and cannot afford it brand new, you should avoid a used one.

Closing Comments

Elliptical machines can be used for anyone. They are fantastic for beginners to experts, and will show considerable results. Learn more on Stamina Elite Stepper and Stamina Elite Elliptical .

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