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How to Lose Leg Fat – Diet and High Intensity Interval Training

Posted May 29 2010 10:53am

how to lose leg fat If you want to know how to lose leg fat, there are essentially three components to effectively lose leg fat fast and get toned thighs. The 3 factors are diet, high intensity interval training and leg toning exercises targeting the thigh region.

1. How to lose Leg Fat – Diet

The first component of to tone thighs fast and reduce the unwanted fat storage around the butt and thigh area is diet. This is a key component as any exercise and training can be compromised if you do not have the right diet in place. This doesn’t have to be difficult – follow a diet plan based around whole foods and create a calorie deficit if you need to lose weight.

Here are some great fat burning foods to incorporate into your diet meal plans to lose leg fat with maximum effectiveness.

Lean Protein

The starting point for any weight reduction and leg toning plan – focus on getting lean quality proteins from chicken, tuna, egg whites, cottage cheese and red meat.


Another great source of protein with the added benefit of the leptin hormone. Leptin is linked to reducing appetite, cravings and boosting metabolism. Salmon is also packed with Omega 3 – assisting in the stabilization of blood sugar and regulating cravings for unhealthy food.

Whole grains

Go for whole grain cereal like oat bran and add beans and lentils to your meals to boost the fiber in your diet which takes a lot more energy to break down, thus boosting your fat loss efforts. It also keeps you feeling fuller for longer. A great way to start the day is oatmeal with fruit and yoghurt for breakfast.

Find more  fat loss tips that work to help you manage your diet, develop exercise motivation and effective workout tips.

2. How to Lose Leg Fat – Interval Training

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time doing cardio – leaving yourself feeling exhausted with minimal results to show for it. The problem is that you are not doing the right type of cardio and you are killing your weight loss efforts by driving your body to exhaustion and eventually a weight loss plateau.

The Solution – Lose Leg Fat with High Intensity Interval Training.

The best way to maximize your cardio workouts to lose leg fat is through high intensity interval training. It gives you faster results and increases your metabolism so that you are able to burn fat throughout the day after your workout is over.

How to lose leg fat with High Intensity Interval Training: Basically you alternate short, high intensity intervals with rest periods. It is very simple and it increases the ability of your muscles to effectively burn fat. Intervals should be at a ratio of 2-1 – so that your “rest periods” are twice as long as the “high intensity” periods. Here is an example:

Interval High Intensity Interval Training Workout: 21 Minutes
Warm up 5 Minutes:  RPE 3-4: Warm Up at an easy pace
Rest Set  3 Minutes:  Work at your Moderate Level
Work Set 1 Minute: High Intensity Sprint
Rest Set  3 Minutes:  Reduce to moderate level
Work Set 1 Minute:  Increase to your High Intensity Sprint 
Rest Set 3 Minutes:  Reduce to Moderate Level
Cool down 5 Minutes:  Cool Down to Moderate – Low Intensity Level


3. How to Lose Leg Fat – Targeted Exercises to Get Toned Thighs

Here we look at performing targeted exercises to get toned thighs and improve the shape and muscle tone of the thigh area.

Lose Leg fat fast and get toned thighs with targeted leg toning exercises .

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