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How To Keep Your Triathlon Training Plans

Posted Jun 25 2010 3:34am
You need to know that no matter how good your triathlon training plans are, they will never be more than plans until you take action and make them a reality. Anyone can come up with a good plan, but few people have the willpower to see those plans through. If you’re going to compete in a triathlon, you must have determination. If you aren’t determined, you will never achieve your training or race day goals.

When you’re planning for a triathlon, you need to get to know your strengths and weaknesses; you want to make the most of your strengths and reduce your weaknesses, both physically and mentally. By following a proper training routine, you will learn more about yourself and develop a strategy for improving yourself all the way around.

It all starts with your triathlon training plan. When you work out, you need to have achievable goals set for yourself.

When you reach small goals continuously, it is more likely that you will be able to see your plan through. When you train for a triathlon, you will not only train your body, but also how your mind deals with fatigue and the negative voices in your head that tell you to quit.

How long will you be training? That largely depends on the type of triathlon you’re competing in. A few months will probably suffice for a mini triathlon. But if an Ironman Triathlon is more what you have in mind, you’ll need at least a year or more of training.

Due to the fact that a triathlon included three different events, it is no surprise that even die-hard athletes take a long time to prepare for their races. If you have a weakness in one of the events, it is essential that you focus on that particular sport. Once your weak sport catches up with your strong ones, you can focus on improving all three.

Because you’ll be switching sports in a triathlon, you need to ensure that your triathlon training lets you practice the transitions. The hard part is getting your body adjusted to quickly switching to using other muscles.

Just as an example, if you go from swimming to running all of a sudden, your body will need time to recognize that different muscles are being put to use. You need to know well in advance what this transition is going to feel like. It’s also important to know the order of the events so you can plan correctly.

Before you start your triathlon training, make sure to read our Triathlon Training Schedule, and Triathlon Training Programs.

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