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How to Keep From Losing Workout Motivation

Posted Aug 12 2009 10:02pm

July2009Reconstruction I just finished up the Turbulence Training Reconstruction Workou t this week. 4 weeks of some really intense workouts. While I didn’t follow it to a T, I didn’t have to, to be able to see just how well it was working.

The first week was grueling! Seriously! I felt muscles that I hadn’t touched in a while (I am guessing due to the extreme DOMS for almost a week!) But I worked through them, even did some foam rolling on my biceps? Yes, biceps…weird and hard place to reach with the foam roller, but it so needed to be done! Not only that, but my entire upper body seemed to transform in just 4 weeks! I even got complimented on my arms! Uuurah!!

My favorite/hardest exercises were probably the pullups (which I was only able to do negative pullups…just do the lowering down part) and underhand inverted rows. These were both very difficult for me at first, but by the last week, serioulsy was feeling so much stronger. THAT in itself was motivating enough for me to keep doing these exercises. But, after 4 weeks of this workout, I am ready to move on.

I do not normally do the same routine for more than 4 weeks and sometimes I even cut them shorter. All depending on how I am feeling about the workouts and if I feel I am working hard enough.

Before the Reconstruction Workout, I was doing 31 Day Challenge workouts. These were very bg_header intense as well and I really loved them!  I did the Advanced Fat Loss Workouts for the gym. It introduced a few new exercises to my routine, which again I LOVE!     MONOTONY=BORING! …. NEW FUN EXERCISES= MOTIVATED!!

Next week my plan is to work on my Kettlebell exercises. I am slowly learning, (while banging up my wrists) but really enjoy the different exercises, along with all the different muscles that KB training works. But my plan is to also work in the chin ups, pullups and dips as one of my goals is to be able to do a full chin up and pull up! I will probably do those on my off days from the KB workouts.

People ask me how I stay so motivated and I just gave you a LOT of reasons! I like to challenge myself from week to week. I like how I feel when I accomplish those challenges and feel stronger each time I do them. I change my workouts up often enough not only to keep from getting bored, but to keep my muscles working hard!

If you are looking for a great variety of workouts to keep you motivated, make sure to check out my Fit Chick Workout Club! New workouts every month!

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