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How To Get The Best Out Of Circuit Training

Posted Aug 22 2009 10:02pm


intensive exercise, fitness, fitness training, interval training, circuit training, Circuit training provides one of the best exercise routines to build muscle, enhance heart fitness and burn off fat.

Those new to exercise routines would be forgiven for thinking that circuit training is about running or exercising around a track or circuit. In this case the ´circuit´ is a combination of a number of short, high intensity but different exercises performed one after the other and designed to achieve a specific fitness result.

It may be weight loss, endurance, muscle building, flexibility or all round physical wellbeing.

It is recommended that newcomers to circuit training should join a class supervised by an experienced instructor who will be able to assess the type and frequency of the short sharp exercise routines that will make up your circuit.

This may entail running round the gym, stopping to do ten push up then running a few more steps before ten sit ups then on to squat jumps and so on for up to ten or so different routines to complete the circuit.

The exercise routines can include all manner of exercise machines, weights, steps, anything that may be found in a well equipped gym or just simple routines without using any equipment.

For those that want to achieve a particular result, perhaps weight loss, building heart lung stamina or even for improving your judo or boxing skills, a circuit can be designed to meet those objectives without sacrificing the benefits that circuit training brings to all round body fitness.

In fact most fitness professionals recognise that a well thought out circuit training program is a great way to obtain and retain physical goals and is likely to maintain those levels better than other exercise routines and dietary regimes.

Gyms are not everybodies ¨way to go¨ so don’t be put off and think that circuit training is only practical in a gym.

All you need is a large enough space to lie flat out and stretch your arms and legs and some imagination to design your own combination of exercises. Just keep them short, with no more than 30-60 seconds between each and limit the circuit to no more than twelve, nine to ten is about right, making about ten to twelve minutes to complete.

After each circuit have a short rest and then start over maintaining the frequency and build up the number of circuits gradually as you feel the benefits. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can achieve your fitness goals if you stick to a regular circuit training routine.

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