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How To Get Rid Of Cold Sores – Stop A Cold Sore In Its Tracks

Posted Sep 22 2010 10:10pm

Do you want to know how to get rid of cold sores quickly and safely? Read this excellent article now. You will quickly see how to get rid of cold sores with ease using some very powerful cold sore treatment tactics.

You have probably seen some wild claims for cold sore cures. They tell you they have the secret knowledge of how to get rid of cold sores.

You buy it, try it and end up discovering one more cold sore product that does not work.

If you truly want to know how to get rid of cold sores, then first learn what creates a cold sore. Then these cold sore treatment suggestions will make much more sense to you.

The cause of every cold sore outbreak (or fever blister) is the herpes simplex virus. Herpes type 1 is most common, but 20% of the time it will be type 2. It doesn’t matter – both types create similar sores.

The herpes virus is highly contagious. Just about everyone (close to 90% of the population) carries it. When first entering your body, it chooses a close-by nerve fiber as its home and will be there for your lifetime.

Most of the time the herpes simplex virus is dormant and causes no problems. About 34% of those infected will not see even one cold sore in their lifetime. The other 66% will get reoccurring outbreaks.

Stress will always reduce your immunity, allowing this parasite virus to become active and move to the surface along the nerve fiber. Then it takes over many cells – forcing them to create new virus clones.

The cells inflate like a balloon with new virus particles. Then they rupture, spilling out hoards of fresh herpes virus. All the ruptured cells together cause the open wound we call a cold sore.

Your body will now have to replace all those cells destroyed by the herpes virus.

How healthy you are will determine how fast the cold sore will heal. Also important are certain building materials such as vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Right now, our goal is to share with you how to get rid of cold sores that you have in progress. But, quickly you will see how very easy it can be for you to prevent future attacks.


Just prior to the appearance of a cold sore, you will feel the virus moving to along the nerve as a slight tingling or itching. With a quick response, you can stop, or slow down, the developing outbreak.

Your quick response is to apply ice – or other cold object – immediately. This alone will discourage the virus and can even stop it dead in its tracks.


Your body knows how to get rid of cold sores. It creates a thick fluid that continuously washes away as much of the oral herpes virus as possible.

With your help now, you can greatly shorten healing time.

Wash the sore as often as practical. By cleansing with alcohol soaked cotton balls or tissues, you will aid your body in ridding itself of the new virus. You will also help prevent a secondary infection.


Ice used now will greatly slow the healing process of your sore. Use heat application instead of cold. This will provide more healing blood to the area and dramatically speed healing.

Hot tea bags are perfect for this cold sore treatment. Black tea bags are cheap and convenient. Tea also provides micro-nutrients that aid in cell protection and repair. Use once – throw away.

Boil the tea bags in water. Do not use the microwave – it will destroy the tea bag healing properties. The longer you apply heat, the quicker you will heal. 15 minute sessions are best.

If you want to know how to get rid of cold sores, these methods give you a strong start. Keep searching and trying new treatment options. You will soon discover the best ways how to get rid of cold sores in your life.

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