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How To Get Bigger Arms I wa ...

Posted Jun 09 2009 10:00pm
How To Get Bigger Arms

I was recently asked by someone how they could get bigger arms . I had the individual email me a few pictures and low and behold there was almost nothing to him. I mean the guy didn’t weight more then about 175 pounds yet he was concerned why his arms wouldn’t grow. Honestly, this is a pretty common issue that I see with people of all ages, men and women. Here’s how you can build bigger arms.

First, you need to eat more food. People have this mythical idea that they can just sit there and train their arms for day and they’ll grow but the fact of the matter is that your arms will be just like the rest of your body if you don’t supply it with ample food. It’ll be small. Now I’m not suggesting that someone get fat just to build bigger arms. What I am saying is that you need to eat food when you train your arms if you want them to grow. There’s no way around it.

Another issue that I see in most people is that they end up wasting all of their time on these crazy arms routines that have them doing twenty sets or so. All that does is overtrain the muscles plus it causes you to need even more calories for growth and we know that most people don’t eat enough to begin with. The vicious cycle persists.

Next we have to look at exercise selection. I mean it’s absolutely crazy that we still have people doing concentration curls and other silly movement in hopes that they will get bigger arms. We need to be focusing on movement that will help us lift the heaviest amount of weight possible if we’re ever going to build a set of dream biceps and triceps. Compound movements like bicep curls and dips are a fantastic way to build bigger arms yet they are often replaced with various wacky movements. So if you really must do those movement make sure you do them after you’ve done the big movement.

Lastly, people are using super high reps. Don’t get me wrong, super high reps are great for a little while but like everything else that you do in the gym, your body will adapt to that. When that happens your arms will cease to grow. So make sure that you hammer your arms with more sets and lower reps if you really want to build bigger arms as soon as possible.
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