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How to Deal with Asthma while Traveling

Posted Nov 20 2010 12:12am

There are a lot of things that makes asthma and allergy very similar to each other. One of which is that they are usually triggered by inhaling something which is not familiar to the body. Thus this could cause a shortness of breath or at times wheezing and for for worst case scenarios, hives. And there are moments that allergic reaction can lead to asthma although the trigger maybe entirely allergic.

Being in an environment that one is very familiar with enables him or her to identify and avoid substances that might trigger asthma and allergies. Thus knowledge and preparation is very vital for these cases.

Having an inhaler is a very usual thing for people with asthma. Inhalers are available in aerosol or powder based. These inhalers are better brought in twos just in case you lose one or break it. And if planning to go outdoors for an adventure, make sure to bring a portable nebulizer for emergency and keep an updated self-management plan for asthma.

One way to lessen allergic reaction is through immunotherapy. And yes, allergy does depend on the quantity of inhaled allergens as compared to food allergy where even the smallest anount of allergen can trigger the allergies.

Being cautious with what you eat most especially when you have allergies is a must. This applies to airplane food as well. Having allergy shots before a trip would also be a good idea and even taking some shots with you is possible. Though these shots could only be given by a doctor.

If you are allergic to some substances and asthmatic at the same time, be well prepared before going on a trip. This makes travel all the more enjoyable.

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