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How To Breath When Exercising

Posted Feb 02 2009 10:41pm
Many years ago when I first started exercising properly, the teacher gave us some really weird [tag]breathing exercises[/tag] that were very unnatural. Consequently, we all concentrated on the breathing more than the exercise itself, which not only made the exercise sessions annoying and less enjoyable, we all ended up being very tense. We literally bent over backwards to get the breathing right and with this teacher never really did learn how to breath when exercising - at least not her way.

Being a little wiser today and having learned a more comfortable and natural way of breathing while exercising - I just do what comes naturally - breath. Breath in when going into starting the exercise movement and breath out slowly while doing the exercise. It’s all very automatic when you don’t have to think about it and can concentrate on the actual exercise movements instead.

Breath naturally when exercising - just remember to breath. Lots of people don’t and end up with a headache, they become tense and some even get dizzy. Small wonder, as during exercise it’s not a matter of the air supply as much as blood supply to the muscles. When exercising, the heart pumps more blood and the lungs take in more air to meet the increased oxygen demands of the muscles and to remove the extra carbon dioxide given off by the working cells.

From breathing hysteria to balance. Keeping fit and healthy in the best kind of way is fun and the more comfortable we all are exercising, the more we’ll do it. Sounds good to me!

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