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How These Oscar Hosts Stay Fit – James Franco And Anne Hathaway

Posted Feb 28 2011 12:00am

Among the many celebrities at the Oscars, the host and hostess are the most seen.  We decided to take an inside look at what makes them so stunning.  Here is some insight into their person fitness routines!

Anne trains with with David Kirsh when she can.  If she is traveling she takes advantage of her workout dvds.  While in the gym Kirsh says

“It’s all about keeping workouts interesting and keeping her motivated. Doing the same thing everyday gets boring. So when she comes in I’ll say ‘Let’s work on this today, or let’s do that.’ And if she has an event, like the Golden Globes and she’s wearing certain kind of dress, we’ll focus on a specific body part.

She uses my  Ultimate New York Body Plan and new my new DVD,  7 Day Prescription . The philosophy behind it was to create seven different workouts that can be done in 30 minutes and still give you a complete body workout. So, one day is power yoga, while another might be a mini boot camp. It’s the same idea of beating boredom ( source ).”

James used boxing as part of his Annopolis workout routine.  According to him, he needed a mentor to help him get in shape.  Macka Foley, a veterain boxer and trainer helped mold James into a ripped machine.

”I think the fights in the film represent the three stages of Jake’s development,” Franco summarizes. “In the first one, he’s very headstrong, a wild kind of brawler without much skill or discipline.

By the second one, he’s still very willful but he’s got a bit more spirit, he can take more. But then he really develops his skills and his tenacity and his devotion, and he is a different person in  the ring as well as outside of it by that third fight. And it was very important to get that across, in the physical as well as the emotional, so that the audience can feel him changing.” ”His body transformed. He was just a skinny kid when I got him, but then he was all cut up and could do 300 push-ups. If I could get half the fighters I train to work this hard, I might be in the  Hall of Fame one day.”  James Annapolis  workout entailed rounds of sit-ups, push-ups,  speed bag , heavy bag and jump rope ( source ).”

Don’t be fooled!  A great body isn’t all about your workout.  Most good trainers will tell you that 80% of looking lean and cut is dependent upon how you eat!  The other 20% comes from your fitness routine.  If you want to look like a star you must also eat like one!!

Adria Ali

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