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How Much Exercise Is Needed to Burn Off Indulgences?

Posted by Debi P.

Writer's Answer

Ever wonder how long you'd have to workout to burn off indulgences, such as Caffe Mocha or chocolate truffles. Read on to see how much exercise a 150 pound person would have to do to burn off some of lifes' food 'treasures':

1 slice of cheese pan pizza = 1 hour + 10 minutes of tennis (650cals)

20 oz Caffe Mocha with Whip Creme = 40 minutes of swimming laps(400 cals)

2 Godiva Chocolate Truffles = 20 minutes of biking (200 cals)

1 tablespoon of oil = 30 minutes of raking leaves (120 cals)

1 bagel & creme cheese = 2 hours and 30 minutes of dancing (500 calories)

1 slice of NYork Style Cheesecake = 2 hours and 40 minutes of walking (700 cals)

Next time you reach for the treats, keep the amount of exercise time in mind and make sure it's REALLY worth it.

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