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How many minutes for a mile?

Posted by Swati S.

I read that if you do one mile in 8 minutes or less, then you are in good cardio shape. Well, I am currently averaging around 15 or 16 minutes for a mile. I am happy that I have reached so far, but reading this made me realize that I can do much more. Wish me luck.

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As with any exercise program, the body adapts to the demands placed upon it. If you slightly increase your effort each time you walk or run a mile, striving to cut 5, 10, or 15 seconds off your previous time, the body will respond. It has to. If you travel the same route, use a watch with a chrono function or a lap timer to time yourself at certain checkpoints. Strive to go a little further at each point. Never go harder than 90%. It's smart to not go over 80% of your maximum. This reduces the likelihood of injury and getting discouraged. An 8-minute mile would be fantastic for you right now, obviously. But don't be concerned about someone else's idea of what's ideal. Figure out your own doable, concrete goals. Set a specific, measurable number of minutes, pounds, whatever, and a date by which you will accomplish that goal. Then it can be done.
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