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How is YOUR stress level these days?

Posted Jan 11 2009 2:50pm


There’s no denying it, stress is high these days.  All around us people are having financial problems.  Some people we know have lost their jobs, others have even lost their homes.  How could we NOT be stressed out about it? 

In December, the American Psychological Association reported that 80% of Americans feel stressed by the economy.   When those people head to their doctor, what will happen?  You know the answer to today’s health problems - prescription drugs.  When the prescription drugs are started, who knows when they can or will be stopped.  Will it be lifetime of taking daily pills?  Who knows!  On top of that, there is the cost of those drugs and the doctor visits to follow up and continue the renewal of those prescriptions.  How much does your medical coverage pay and how much will you pay out of your own pocket?  The financial worry that put you in that position will become a vicious cycle in itself of doctor bills and pharmacy costs.

Well there is another option!  One that you may already be paying for, that monthly automatic payment to your gym.  Start using it - especially on those cardio machines.  Burn up calories and burn up stress at the same time.  Studies have shown that exercise reduces stress.  It actually helps our bodies, physically and mentally to deal with stress.  So before turning to your doctor because you feel stressed out, take a trip to your gym everyday for a week.   After five to seven days of exercise, you’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll be able to clearly make a decision as to whether you really need to see your doctor, or if you can deal with this economy without those drugs.


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