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How Important Is Accountability and Weight Loss?

Posted Oct 24 2008 9:31am

As much as Jillian scares me a little bit, I would LOVE to have to be held accountable by her! I have no doubts that I could reach all my goals with her help! I am guessing that the contestants on the Biggest Loser don’t like it much either, but I am guessing that when they starting losing pound after pound, they appreciate just how tough she is.

As a personal trainer, its my position to keep my clients accountable when it comes to exercise and nutrition. But who holds me accountable? Well, thats the thing, no one! It’s easy for me to get off track and take a break from things and then just let it all go. As you might have read, I kind of took a break and took things easy for the past week or so due to my back. But as I let my workouts go, my healthy eating started to go also. After the Twitter/Turbulence Training contest, that is when I started the downward spiral with my nutrtition. Having to be accountable on twitter daily and having others reply back to me made a HUGE difference in what I decided to put in my mouth. Once that was done, I just ate whatever I wanted..which has been mostly carbs. :(

I started working on my workout ebook and seemed to be busier and busier and eventually, didn’t even have workouts planned other than boot camp. What mess I have become! So today is a brand new start and if I can find some type of online fitness contest, all the better! My plan is to keep up with my personal blog daily, with meals and workouts and to plan my meals and workouts each week. I am going to try out the meal plans from the Warp Speed Fat Loss plan, just because they are simple and all laid out for you according to weight. Plus they are lower in the carbs, which is definitely where I need to get back to.

I plan to do boot camp on M, TH and SAT, do a weekly kettle bell routine from The Ultimate Body Scult DVD or Caroline’s Kettle Belle Body workouts and then my own strength training workouts 2x a week. Cardio is covered in boot camp, so I don’t need any extra of that.

So there, you have it…I am now accountable to YOU! And if I find a contest to join in the meantime, I’ll be sure to let you know! If you are looking for a good support group, WDF Forums are full of great women who are reaching their goals daily! So come join us there!

Who holds YOU accountable???

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