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How I lost weight after pregnancy (guest post).

Posted Jun 03 2010 1:00am

How I lost weight after pregnancy.

The first thing to do is not to worry about your weight after pregnancy, you have a baby to look after and that is more than enough to think about for the time being! Wait until around six weeks to even think about losing weight. Pregnancy takes a lot out of your body and it needs time to recover.

Many women still look like they are pregnant after birth but this is not something to worry about. Taking reasonable steps to lose weight over a reasonable period of time is what you should concentrate on.

My trim figure before pregnancy took a while to get back.

It is so easy to stress yourself out and worry that you have lost your figure. Remember celebrity women who have lost weight will have had a personal trainer and dietitian so don’t worry if you don’t follow their weight loss. It’s not good for you – every doctor will tell you that.

The other thing I would suggest is don’t rush back to work – take as long as you can get! I saved up my holidays so had an extra month and a half off.

So what are the steps you need to take to lose weight?

Stick to fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These foods are high in fiber and make you feel full longer. Low fat dairy products such as cheese, skimmed milk and yoghurt.  Fish and white meat are also good options along with lean cuts of pork and beef, giving you protein and zinc, iron and B vitamins.

Breastfeeding – Burns around 500 calories a day!

Lose all junk food in the house! Don’t have cakes or biscuits in the house even if they are just for visitors. Replace the junk food with healthy snacks.

Eat smaller portions – increase the portions of things like vegetables and reduce the food that has the most calories.

Eat when you are hungry! Think about why you are eating. If you are eating just because you are bored get yourself out for a walk with the baby to the park.

Include your baby in your exercise program.   Take the pram for a walk in the park or the shops. The baby will enjoy the fresh air and you get a nice relaxing day and burning calories at the same time.

I tried to take the baby for a walk at least once a day, sometimes twice.  I found it relaxing and the baby seemed to enjoy it two.

Target your abs – I did abdominal exercises every second day, nothing to strenuous, 5 min is probably enough every second day.  Building your abs will give your stomach a flatter look.

Nicola sanders is mum of two and writes for the baby website Baby Names .

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