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How I feel after my first day of my exercise routine.

Posted Apr 05 2010 4:16pm

Okay so all my life i've leaned more towards the over weight side of things but this recent doctor's trip was a rude awakening and a crush to my already low self-esteem. So I've decided to do something about it cause I like feeling good about myself. So after my 1:30 minutes of Dance Cardio, Regular Old Fashioned Exercise, and Yoga I've decided to blog about how I feel. Hopefully how good I feel will reflect through here and I'll get the motivation to stick with my plan.

 As sore as my arms and abs are I still feel amazing. My body is done stressing the exercise and what I feel towards myself isn't the normal "UCK LOOK AT YOUR FLAB" self-loathing but a new "Good Job." Proud of myself feeling. I honestly feel that my body though it may not LOVE exercising will love the work out and the ability to look good in a swimsuit.  

I also enjoy the feeling that everyday I do this I get to feel good but it's also working towards my personal goal. Knowing that I'll be able to show off that belly button piercing and not hide it cause I'm ashamed of my body makes me smile and only wanna work harder during the dance cardio and regular exercise protions.

And even if I'm not thinking that far ahead I do think about how nice the hot shower is gonna feel when I'm done because I worked hard. All these things are making me feel really gooda bout myself and better about my body. By this time next month who knows how I'm gonna feel with all these endorphins pumping me up :)

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