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How Do You Tone Inner Thighs?

Posted by Lela D.

I'd like to know all the exercises anyone uses to tone the dreaded inner thigh area! Please post here! Thanks.
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Squats. You know, I've gotten conflicting reports from fitness experts on the correct exercises to tone inner thighs, but I've personally found that squats are great for toning the muscles in that area. Of course, you need to supplement this with cardio in order to burn fat.
Ballet!. Oh my goodness, you won't believe how much ballet helps from this. In my dream home, I'd instal a ballet barre and mirrors. You don't start with a barre, though -- you have to "earn" your way to it with a period of floor work. Then, you stretch your legs slowly over the barre. Don't overdo it too quickly. I think the American Ballet has put out a book on ballet exercises.
What do you mean by "tone"? . Some people say the word tone to mean they want to be able to see the muscle. Some mean they want to have less subcutaneous fat (fat directly under the skin) in that area. Some people mean they want to be stronger but not bigger in that area. All of the suggestions will work the mucles you are asking about and in a much more graceful way then the "hip adductor" machine at the gym. The adductor muscles might get a bit bigger (not much since you are a woman and don't have much testosterone) and definitly stronger- meaning you'll be able to see them a bit more, but working an area won't reduce the amt of fat specifically in that area. This is called spot reducing and unfortunately, it doesn't work (darn). But working all the muscles will make you stronger, help prevent certain injuries, and feels great. good luck.
In the pool. The thing that I have found that works best in toning my inner thighs is the breaststroke. The movement used in the breaststroke has been one of the most benificial ways for me to keep my inner thighs where I like them. In conjunction to swimming, I strech 2 to 3 times a week for an hour at a time.
Have a ball !. Buy one of those inexpensive kid's balls at the local dollar store. While you are watching television you can sit with it between you nkees and squeeze. It's just the right amount of resistance and the price is right.
Lateral Stepper. A racquetball friend of mine told me about the lateral stepper to improve my movement on court. Although I was a fairly good player at the time, the technique did improve my game and strengthened my outer and inner thighs even more -- thinning my thighs as a by-product. The lateral stepper does: Develops strong first step quickness Two challenging resistance levels Targets hard to isolate inner and outer thigh muscles You can do this exercise anywhere. After a jog I do the lateral stepper on my driveway. If I am at the club, I do the lateral stepper in the racquetball court.
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