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How do you keep yourself disciplined?

Posted by Jennifer K.

I keep saying I'm going to run twice a week, but things come up or I'm too tired in the morning to get my but out of bed.
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From my experience. I am not a professional; yet, I found out that putting down a realistic and achievable target is a crucial. For instance if you know that you are not a morning person don't plan to run before work or school. Alternatively, if your schedule is extremly tight, start with planning on doing someting only once per period and slowly increase the interval. Bottom line: Don't try to climb a mountain starting at the summit!
Reward Yourself. If I'm trying to get into a new routine, I try to reward myself for sticking to it. If you run the number of times you've designated for yourself this month, indulge yourself with a foot massage and pedicure. Or maybe some new running gear or a long bubble bath. I think you'll find it easier to stick to your new schedule if you have a reward waiting.
Just do it, if your body can handle it. I go through the same thing sometimes, and in the past, when I would talk to friends, they would tell me the times when you least want to exercise is the time when you should. I've tried it, and found it true on some occasions. However, be sure to pay attention to your body. If you're experiencing true physical exhaustion, it's better to just skip the gym.
Tap into some drive. I'm not sure if you experience this too, but ... for me, I'll have these see-saw moments of an inspired "wow, I really gotta get on the running" and then a day later, "Egh, too lazy or [insert excuse here]." When I have those moments of inspiration, I'll write up a huge sign to tack up on my wall. Later on, when I'm feeling lazy, I'll look at the sign I created right at the time I was feeling really inspired. For me, it triggers the same inspiration I had earlier and then I'm more pumped to do my routine. If that doesn't work, it helps to surround yourself with people who DO have a routine, so when they leave to do it, you get inspired to maintain yours too.
Discipline. I don't like to brush my teeth. But I schedule it in, morning and night. Exercise can be treated like a chore. You don't have to like doing the dishes, but if you want something clean to eat from, they need to be washed. Schedule your exercise in, on paper, at a time and place that works for you. Like the guy said, if you're not a morning person, do it at noon or at night. Just do it. Good luck!
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